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Posted:  03 Dec 2006 16:30
Looking for the verses to the hymn whose chorus is simply, "The Light of Christ Has Come Into the World" sung twice.
Posted:  26 Nov 2007 12:30

This is what you are looking for:

#652 Mission Praise   THE LIGHT OF CHRIST

   The light of Christ
   has come into the world (2x)

1. All men must be born again
   to see the kingdom of God
   The water and the Spirit
   bring new life in God's love

2. God gave up His only Son
   out of love for the world
   So that all men who believe
   in Him will live forever

3. The light of God has come to us
   so that we might have salvation
   From the darkness of our sins
  we walk into glory with Christ Jesus
Posted:  18 Apr 2009 23:01
Yo, i have to sing that song called "The Light Of Christ" Dear!
Posted:  29 Jun 2009 18:00
Sang that song years ago and used to love it sung in two parts.  Cannot remember what book I used to play it from.
Posted:  13 Aug 2009 04:37
The song is by Don Fishel.   It was published in "Songs of Praise", from Servant Publications, in the early 1970s.   In 2009, it was assigned to ILP Music -- http://www.ilpmusic.org/

I believe you can find it in the Episcopal hymnal, and maybe a Lutheran hymnal, as well.
Posted:  17 Apr 2010 03:04
Thanks - I needed this song's words - your site made it easy for me! Thanks from 'Down Under'
Posted:  04 Dec 2011 18:06
Do you have chords of this song? I used to sing it in church long time ago, but i don't know the chords, I'd like to learn how to play it with guitar. I hope you could make one.

Thanks a lot! God bless
Posted:  26 Mar 2012 14:17
It can also be found in the CATHOLIC BOOK OF WORSHIP 2,  nice hymn for Easter or any other time.
Posted:  30 Jun 2012 15:05
Posted:  04 Feb 2014 07:55
It was sung by a group called "The Word of God" in the early 70s.
Posted:  19 Jan 2015 21:13
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Posted:  19 Jan 2015 21:41
There are several youtube posts of this hymn
Here is one :

Here are the chords
Posted:  20 Jan 2017 16:41
THank you for postig the lyrics of this song . .GOD BLESS PEOPLE
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