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Posted:  23 Feb 2011 00:33
Who sings the song Heaven? Some of the words are:  In childhood I heard of a heaven, I wondered if it could be true.  That there were sweet mansions eternal. Up there somewhere beyond the blue.  Thank you
Posted:  24 Feb 2011 19:47
I believe that Grady Cole wrote this song but I think the Blackwood brothers were the first to record it on their 1962 Silver Anniversary Album. There has been many groups that have recorded it since then like; Imperials, The Hoppers, Oak Ridge Boys, Gold City and many others. I hope that this has help you in some small way and God bless!
Posted:  03 Mar 2011 04:21
My Aunt and Uncle sing this one

Verse 1:
Since childhood I've heard of a Heaven,
I wondered if it could be true.
If there were bright mansions eternal,
Somewhere beyind the blue.
I wondered if people really go there,
And one day Sweet Jesus came in,
And I saw a vision of Heaven,
My soul with all rapture to blend.

Heaven, (Happy home above)
Heaven, (Land of peace and love)
Oh it makes me feel like traveling on.
Heaven, (Eternal)
Heaven, (Supernal)
I'm so glad I know it's real.

Verse 2:
Since I've had that vision of Heaven,
My soul's overflowing with love.
My heart like the Savior's is broken,
For friends who will miss that home above.
Then a voice from the hills of old Judea
Comes ringing out the words of peace.
This world's attractions don't thrill me,
And Heaven will be my great release.
Posted:  03 Mar 2011 05:01
I believe that this is the way this song was written, but I could be wrong.


Verse: 1
In childhood I heard of a heaven, I wondered if it could be true,
that there were sweet mansions eternal, up there somewhere beyond the blue,
I wondered if people really go there, then one day sweet Jesus came in,
then I got a vision of heaven, my soul through all heaven would spend.

Heaven-----(happy home above)
Heaven-----(land of peace and love)
Oh, it makes me feel like traveling on
I’m so glad it’s real

Verse: 2
Then I’ve got acquainted with Jesus, my soul’s overflowing with love,
my heart like the Savior is broken, for friends who will miss that home above,
then a voice from the hills of Judea, still ringing words of sweet relief,
a world of attraction’s don’t thrill me, my soul has a change of belief.
Posted:  16 Jul 2013 06:18
Blackwood Brothers were not the first to record. I do not know what was, but Flatt and Scruggs recorded it in 1959 and it featured on their TV program from that time to at least 1963.
Posted:  05 Oct 2013 20:13
i sing a third verse with this song...

someday the gates of heaven will open, the redeemed of all ages will sing
god's throne sending bright rays of glory on the mansions he's prepared for you & me
the tree of life is standing by the crystal river, millions saved by His redeeming grace
with loved ones who've gone on before us, won't Heaven be a happy place.
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