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Posted:  03 Feb 2011 17:42
I believe the Hopers sing this song.  Mention My Name When You Pray For Me"
Posted:  04 Feb 2011 18:29
Mention my Name.  The Hoppers.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL8eeO_lUsU&am ...
Posted:  05 Feb 2011 19:00
Maybe this is it.

Would you mention my name every day when you pray,
Would you mention my name when you pray,
Would you stand with me when your down on your knees,
When your talking to Jesus, would you mention me.

I don't want the fame that you gain in this world,
I don't want your diamonds and pearls,
You don't have to bother with tending to me,
All I ask is that you mention me would you please,
repeat Cho.

Th prayers of a christian can pull a man through,
When he's facing a world so untrue,
So if you want to help someone gain victory,
Don't forget when you pray to make mention of me.

If I had one request that I knew you could fill,
Here's what that longing would be,
Every morning and evening and maybe sometime in between,
Friend would you please mention me.
repeat Cho.
Posted:  20 Oct 2011 22:15
beautifullllllllllllllllll. God bless
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 23:52
I love this song and it's actually an old Greene song. The Hoppers did not sing it originally
Posted:  23 May 2012 13:43
It was written by Mike Wilson who sang with the McGruders. They were the first to record it back in the early 1990's. Love the song. I believe it is on the  "one way flight" recording.
Posted:  14 Dec 2012 03:50
For some reason that other youtube video was not there.

Here is another one of this beautiful song

Posted:  14 Dec 2012 03:51
For some reason that video was not there.  Here is another one of this pretty song.

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