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Posted:  01 Feb 2011 04:59
This song has been on my heart for a few weeks but i cant find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly loved. hawk
Posted:  17 Feb 2011 19:11
Just As Long As Eternity Rolls

1We shall live on high, Far above the sky,
in that land of glory and bliss;
Jesus is the light, There will be no more night,
Just as long as eternity rolls.

2. We shall have a crown, lay our burdens down,
over on that beautiful shore;
Loved ones will be there, Beauties rich and so rare,
Just as long as eternity rolls.

3. No more tear-dimmed eyes, No more sad good-byes,
When we reach our homeland on high;
We shall praise our King, Hallelujahs will ring,
Just as long as eternity rolls.

Just as  long as eternity rolls; (just as long,)
Just as long as eternity rolls;
By His grace divine, Heaven will be mine,
Just as long as eternity rolls. (Just as long as eternity rolls.)
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