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Posted:  27 Nov 2006 22:47
Does anyone have the song lyrics for "Five Rows Back" by John W. Peterson?  I have found a copy of the sheet music on Ebay, but I would like to make sure that this is the song I am looking for before ordering. Thanks so much!
Posted:  08 Aug 2010 03:17
I can't even find that! If you find the lyrics, would you please e-mail them to me? Barrydraw1@yahoo.com.  Thanks!
Posted:  28 Sep 2010 21:43
I have the words to all the verses and chorus.  I can scan them on Friday and send them to you.  Is it the one that starts with, "Oh, I really wasn't one for going to church, you see.  But I went that night somehow, in spite of that."
Posted:  06 Mar 2011 02:26
Please please send me the lyrics.

R. Norris
Posted:  29 Oct 2011 19:14

GDF at
Posted:  30 Oct 2011 00:28
By John W. Peterson

Well, I really wasn't one
For goin' to church you see
But I went that night somehow in spite of that
They ushered me in with a warm and friendly smile
And five rows back I sat

Five rows back I remember it well
The story of Jesus I heard them tell
They told about heaven and they warned of hell
I listened from five rows back

The words of the preacher-man
They were arrows of burning truth
They pierced my heart as he spoke so earnestly
He told how Jesus suffered, how He bled, how He died
And that he did it just for folks like you and me

Oh the choir was singing "Just As I Am"
I knew that I was lost, my life was a sham
So I came and I was washed in the blood of the Lamb
From five rows back that night I came

What a change, things are different now
Peace and happiness fill my heart
Jesus walks and talks with me each passing day
And I know that through the years of time
And through eternity l'll not forget the night
That my sins were washed away
Posted:  02 Nov 2011 04:31
i have a music sheet of this song
Posted:  28 Feb 2012 02:34
Kindly send to me the music sheet of this song. We really need it for our special song this Sunday. Thank you so much!
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 02:55
I would love to have sheet music and the words as well! Thank you in advance! kjvgirl1023@gmail.com
Posted:  14 Jan 2013 00:26
belg_11@yahoo.com..i would like to ask for God's glory,,tnx..
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 21:50
Can you send me the music to "Five Rows Back" as well?  Thanks.
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 21:58
Please send me a copy of the sheet music to this song. I would be so appreciative. Be Blessed.
Posted:  25 Feb 2014 23:22
I am a pastor the often will sing
Several years ago I had the tape track to Five Rows Back
It has worn out and I can not find the track anywhere now
It was a most requested song for me and now I am not able to sing it
because of the fact no one can play it for me
If anyone has the song on track of any kind please let me know
Dan Nichols brodan1@gmail.com
Posted:  20 Oct 2014 00:03
Could I get the sheet music for this?   

Posted:  22 Oct 2014 07:34
Will you send me this music sheet "FIVE ROWS BACK" 
Thank you. kristineolmillo@ymail.com   
Posted:  03 Mar 2015 05:05
If you wouldn't mind please send me the sheet music please! I am heading home to surprise my mom and dad and would like to surprise them and sing it at their church. teenapaul@bellsouth.net

Thank you!
Posted:  05 Mar 2015 00:31
I would really like to have the music sheet for "FIVE ROWS BACK" please.

Posted:  04 May 2017 17:49
I would really like to have a copy of the sheet music for :Five Rows Back.  Please respond.      barbcummins57@yahoo.com  or 479 721 7103
Posted:  18 May 2017 23:27
I would really love the sheet music for Five Rows Back please.  It will greatly help our pianist to play for me

Thank you so much

Posted:  01 Oct 2017 14:05
We would deeply appreciate it if you could send us the piano sheet music for your song"Five Rows Back"!  Our daughter would love to play it in our church. This song really blessed our hearts when we heard it sung via internet at Golden state Baptist College. Thank you so much! jillfleming7@verizon.net
Posted:  25 Oct 2017 17:06
can you please send me the sheet music for your song 5 rows back.  thanks so much. jansconfections48@yahoo.com
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