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Posted:  18 Jan 2011 05:28
This song just blessed my soul...i just don't know all the lyrics
Posted:  18 Jan 2011 10:10
I don't know if this is the one your looking for or not
but these are the lyrics that Heirline sings. God Bless!

Jesus Has Conquered The Grave

Verse: 1
On Golgotha’s hill, our Savior was place,
to save this world, through his marvelous grace,
and on that same hill, a battle was won,
for sin and death were conquered there, by God’s only Son.

And grave where’s your victory, and death where’s thy sting,
sin has been defeated, by our blessed king,
so when the fear of death, sweep’s over you, on that finial day,
remember Jesus has conquered the grave.

Verse: 2
Now Lazarus, he was laid, in a cold dark tomb,
but the giver of life, would be there soon,
for death chains had bound him, and took away his life,
but those chains were broken when Jesus said arise.
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 02:41
Thank you so much! This is it!
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 10:31
Your so very welcome and I'm thrilled that I could be of help! God Bless!
Posted:  30 Jun 2012 23:22
Posted:  08 Mar 2015 05:12
Thank you it
Posted:  08 Mar 2015 05:14
Thanks it was the right song Jesus Conquered the Grave
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