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Posted:  15 Jan 2011 07:53
Posted:  16 Jan 2011 01:08
One day up in heaven, the Savior said goodbye
As he started on His journey
The Holy Angels cried, He turned to face his father & this they heard him say
Mankind owes a debt below, that only I can pay, but

I'll be back, I'll be back
I'll be gone for a little while, but one day I'm coming back, I'll be back

As He started on His journey, Jesus told his men -
You'll see the son betrayed there & there I'll be condemned
You'll see them mock me & curse me, you'll see me crucified
You'll see me suffer in agony & there you'll see me die
Oh, but

I'll be back
I'll be back, just a few short days and I'll be back

After they laid my sweet Jesus in the tomb, He got up and took a trip down below.  Showed the devil that he had lost the battle for mans soul.
Well I believe that as he took the keys he looked the devil right in the eye.
He said the grave could not hold me, I'm headed back for glory, so devil just keep this in mind, that

I'll be back
I'll be back
I'll be gone for a little while but one day I'm coming back,
I'll be back

Then one day on a hillside as Jesus rose up in the clouds, the words he spoke came flooding back, to some young men in the crowd.  He said I go to prepare a place, but I'll be back again.
I'm gonna take my people to a land, where joy shall never end, but

I'll be back, I'll be back
I'll be gone for a little while, but one day I'm coming back
I'll be back
Oh I hope your ready to meek me church, cause one day I'm coming back
I'll be back
Christians don't lose faith
I'll be back
Posted:  24 Apr 2014 23:22
What are the chords for this song?
Posted:  10 Jul 2017 11:40
Michael Combs - I'm A-Goin' Home...does anyone have the lyrics to this beautiful song?
Posted:  13 Mar 2018 01:41
i want michael combs song soilder lyrics
Posted:  13 Mar 2018 02:23
All I could find was this sample


I am a soldier in the Army of the Lord
And I am in a battle with the enemy of this world
I have been wounded and Lord knows that I’ve been hurt
And I’ve seen other soldiers just give up and desert
But I’ll keep on marching to my Commander I’ll be true
‘Cuz I am a soldier and that’s what soldiers do
I fly the flag …
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