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Posted:  09 Sep 2016 01:42
Hi, what an inspiring song, thank you.
cheryl williams
Posted:  30 Nov 2016 19:17
Wooow my heart has been filled with this worship song for quite sometime until i searched it lyrics, it Blesses me more than i can even imagine.

Yes the Lord God will make a way for me, as long as I live a Holy Life. Amen
Posted:  23 Feb 2017 03:45
thank God for this inspirational hymn.I also awoke  in wee hours of early am.Going through very hard time,& this hymn from my early childhood, in Sunday school & sang by my beloved late parents came to my spirit.Thk God for all blessings I couldn't remember all the words,but found this gifted site,GOD BLESS you all
Posted:  18 Aug 2017 12:27
A week ago I dreamed and saw my mother in my dream. My mother died 4years ago. And in my dream I saw my mother and I sang this song and then I woke up feel like I am crying. I dont know why I have dream this song. I was just a littte girl when i learned this song.I know God is speaking to me in my dream telling me that I have to be  STILL though I am having a tough time right now but I know God is always there for me.
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 21:32
I know they put old Daniel in the lions den
And they left him there all alone
Till the king looked that day
And he could hear old Daniel say
I know the Lord has made a way for me
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