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Posted:  10 Jan 2011 07:40
I am looking for the lyrics to a song my grandmother always used to sing to me when I was a child. Here is what I remember:

There once was a man named Stephen
Who preached about the lord
People came.........
Just to hear his word.

Chorussome of it anyway)

I see jesus standing in the Promised Land
I see jesus standing at the Father's right hand

  I would really like to be able to sing this to my new baby girl. Can anyone tell me the lyrics for this song or the name of it.
Posted:  10 Jan 2011 22:08
I See Jesus
1. Once a man named Stephen preached about the Lord
folks were saved and folks were healed
when they heard the word
Satan did not like it soon he had his trial
and as he was tried they heard Stephen cried aloud

I see Jesus standing at the Father's right hand
I see Jesus over in the glory land
work is over, now I'm coming to thee
I see Jesus standing waiting for me

2. Then the stones fell on him beating out his life
Stephen knew that he'd soon be through with all toil and strife
but so much like the master with a heart so true
he prayed Lord forgive them for they know not what they do

3. Through the gates of glory, down the streets of gold
marched the hero of the Lord into Heaven's fold
and when he met the master at the great white throne
I believe he stood and said, Stephen welcome home
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 01:50
Thank you so much!!!!
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 20:30
You are very welcome!!
Posted:  28 Nov 2012 02:52
Posted:  29 Feb 2016 16:01
Woke up this morning with this song in my heart.
Sure enough the lyrics were in the archives !
I remember the last two lines of the 1st verse as
  Satan did not like it. Soon he had his crowd.
  And as he was tried they heard Steven cried aloud

The above youtube link is defunct.
Let's see how long this link survives:
Posted:  05 Mar 2016 10:11
I SEE JESUS    4/4         Key:  Eb
        W & M by Charles B. Wycuff        (1957)
        © Gaither Copyright Management [per ccli.com]
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