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Posted:  13 Sep 2005 21:23
At church Sunday someone wanted a request for a song whose chorus starts, "in times like these..." I think it went on "we need a savior, in times like these we need an anchor, in times like these ..." its an old song but i don't remember the title.
Posted:  14 Sep 2005 02:38   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi JoAnn,

The hymn is called "The Solid Rock", lyrics and music by Ruth C. Jones.

In times like these you need a Savior
In times like these you need an anchor
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock

This Rock is Jesus, Yes He's the One
This Rock is Jesus, the only One
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock

In times like these you need the Bible
In times like these O be not idle
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock

In times like these I have a Savior
In times like these I have an anchor
I'm very sure, I'm very sure
My anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock

More information on this hymn can be found here:
http://www.namethathymn.com/christian-hymns/i ...

Hope it helps. God bless!
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 04:43
Do you have any historically information about the hymn "Solid Rock"? I would like to know why the song was written. What storm was this person going through? I am speaking at a Women's Conference in two weeks, and I would like to use this song to demonstrate how to anchor your soul.

My email address is lashelle.edmerson@ccuniversity.edu or lashelleprofessor@yahoo.com

LaShelle Edmerson
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 08:39
Hi LaShelle,

You're in luck--I was able to find several accounts that describe how Ruth Jones (a.k.a. Mother Jones) came to write the hymn.


http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/A_Visit_wi ...

http://www.tanbible.com/tol_sng/intimesliketh ...

Hope this helps.

God bless,
Posted:  25 Oct 2006 05:33
that song just makes you think.. It makes you realize that you have to be ready for when the master comes Back I'm so glad that I'm ready for the king whenever he comes I'm going wihome with him
Posted:  10 Feb 2007 07:10
I have always known it by the title:  "In Times Like These"
Mrs Jones wrote it in 1944, (or was first published in '44), in the dark days of WW II, I think.
Posted:  18 Jul 2007 07:13
I'm a 54 yr. old female who sang this song as a child. My Great Grandmother would request me to sing it each and every time we went to visit her. She died in 1963, and I have such fond memories of her. This song always takes me back to that time.
Posted:  22 Oct 2010 17:54
I lost every iota of my hearing in 1971, when I was ten years old.
This is among the songs I actually remember hearing!
Posted:  02 Nov 2010 01:11
The Song is Called (In Times Like These) Steve.
Posted:  23 Mar 2011 02:33
HI Steve, how can I find a cassette or a CD with this song on lit.  Is there a web site that has the music.  I love the words, but have never heard it.
Thanks Camille
my email is camillebecker@embarqmail.com
Posted:  02 May 2012 14:51
this song; in times like these''  was song at my dad,s funeral in 1961. i had requested it . 51 years ago wow i still love it.  fred
Posted:  25 Sep 2012 04:37
thank you this is the song that I have been searching for.
Posted:  30 Dec 2012 16:42
Thank you.  I woke up in the night singing some of the words to this song.
I have not thought of or sung this song in many many years.  I believe God
put that in my mind to remind me to hang on to Him.  Things are very hard right
now in my life but I will praise Him and hang on to my Solid Rock, Jesus, through
it all.
Posted:  30 Jan 2013 18:08
The is a very sacred song that i love very much, it warm and heart felt. i sing it at church, home or if am at work and it is dawned upon me to sing during my prayer time. i love the song it give me hope to carry on the christian journey. my parents sing it and when it starts it seems as if it cant end - amazing. The grace of God goes very far. God bless the writer.
Posted:  16 Mar 2013 15:28
I homeschool our children.  I realized that they do not know these amazing, God inspired songs.  Worship songs are awesome at church, too, however I have been waking up to my childhood hymns.  I woke up this a.m. with only partial memory of this song.  I have MS and it is a daily struggle.  I know that my childhood childrens ministries leader, Mrs. Henderson, is probably praying again.  She is the one who helped me to ask Jesus into my heart when I was only 5.  I am now praying for Evelyn and Wilson and their family.  Loving this site and loving my Anchor.
Posted:  22 Jun 2013 21:00
I'm glad to have found the lyrics (and title) to this hymn today. Every now and then I hum it and sing it with the few words I remembered. My mother who passed on in '89 had told me family members'  favorite hymns and she said  that this was her mother's favorite. Her mother passed at age 91 in 1957 so it seems strange when considering that it was written in 1944. All this time I was thinking she was a little girl singing it in church. Regardless of the 'mixup', I now have the lyrics and will save them and record it for my family. Thank you and God Bless!
Posted:  24 Jun 2013 14:03
Thank you for the lyrics of solid rock
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 21:35
This old Hymm warm my heart whenever i sing it.
Posted:  19 Jul 2013 16:58
Still love dis song
Posted:  08 Nov 2013 17:22
Thank you for being ones that keep these hymns alive in our hearts.  God bless!
Posted:  12 Nov 2013 19:13
In Time Like these is a song that tell us to be ready and be sure that the rock you are standing on  is Jesus the solid rock. He is who we should have out trust in, Our faith, our hope,  grounded in him, and if we are, we will be ready when he comes.
Posted:  20 Mar 2014 04:15
I heard this song first in aFours Square Gospel Church in Nigeria in response to a friend's invitation  and instantly fell in love with it. On srveral ocassions I tried rremembering the lyrics but ended up with few and just humming through. This song came to me today during my Lenten prayers so I decided to get the lyrics by all means and my search was not in vain. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, my Solid Rock; I really need you to hang my anchor on at this very moment. What an appropriate song! God bless Mothet Jones for writing this song,
Posted:  20 Oct 2014 04:39
I was thinking of my special grandfather who has been in heaven now for over twenty years. This was his favorite song and since my siblings and I were young girls, he paid us each a quarter every time we would sing this for him and he requested it often, especially at family reunions and when company would stop by to visit. I was looking up the lyrics to make sure I was remembering them correctly and happened upon your site. What a blessing to find out about the woman who wrote this song and also to read the comments from others who also find this song to be special to them. Thank You!

Lee Ann G
Posted:  08 Feb 2015 02:57
today I saw a creek,an upright tree wtraight across it a fallen tree, forming a perfect cross; next to it was a huge rock with a cleftin the middle at the bottom.
The words to this beautiful hymn came immediately to mind.  It was a sacred, beautiful holy and moving experience.
Posted:  15 Sep 2015 04:26
Jesus is my Solid Rock, am very sure of that by His grace, and I have the Bible, and have determined not to be idle,but purposed to daily serve Him. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Amen.
Posted:  15 Sep 2015 04:33
By God's grace Jesus for ever remains my Solid Rock as l have in the immediate above herein indicated. My anchor will always holds and grips the Solid Rock until eternity. Not only me, but my entire family members and siblings in Jesus name, Amen. I love my Jesus so much.           Rosemary , Canada.
Posted:  15 Sep 2015 04:35
By God's grace Jesus for ever remains my Solid Rock as l have in the immediate above herein indicated. My anchor will always holds and grips the Solid Rock until eternity. Not only me, but my entire family members and siblings in Jesus name, Amen. I love my Jesus so much.           Rosemary , Canada.
Posted:  13 Sep 2017 18:18
"In Times Like These" or "The Solid Rock" or whatever the name of it is, it's a very excellent song. My dad is 91 and remembered singing it several years back. It's wonderful.
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