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Posted:  26 Dec 2010 17:12
i was looking for a song angel get my mansion ready. that is about all I remember I hope everyone Had a Good Christmas
Posted:  31 May 2014 23:41
Angels Get my Mansion Ready
by Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr.
(verses one and four are here, rest can be found at www.hymnary.org)

Over yonder stands the mansion Christ prepared for me, God ordained that I should have it form eternity;  And I'll send a pray'r before me, ere I cross the foam, "Angels, get my mansion ready, I am coming home."I am coming home to heaven,with the angels there to dwell I am coming home to glory, where I'll never say farewell.....

When my work below is ended and my race is run, I will hear my Saviour calling at the set of sun;  Then I'll send a message upward, past yon vaulted dome, "Angels, get my mansion ready, I am coming home.
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