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Posted:  23 Dec 2010 21:04
God bless all!

I had a song on cassette tape years ago which contained a song I'd love to trace. Years ago (when I was Youth Leader) I taught it to the youth choir and it went down a real storm. Unfortunately i never new the artist or song name and years (yes years!) of googling has brought no results. But the song was/is so great I can't believe that no one else has never heard it.

I would be very, very grateful if you would take the time and view the lines that I can recall, and perhaps let me know if it rings any bells.

The words I can recall are as follows:

Silently, I set my heart to seek thy face,
Quietly, I bow before thy towering grace,
O cleanse me Lord that I may enter in this place.

Here in Thy dwelling place,
We lift up our praise,
To thy Holy Mountain,
Here in Thy Holy hill,
Our spirits are still,
In Thy Holy Mountain.

Thou O Lord has set the world in it's span(??)
Thou O Lord did set the Heavens in thier (???)
How marvelous to know Thy thoughts have turned to man (??)


(Then there's a lovely bridge part african style male voices)

Deep, deep rivers,
From Thy Holy Mountain,
Deep, deep rivers,
From Thy Holy Mountain.

Then into the chorus again.

Thanks for reading this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
God bless
Posted:  10 Feb 2013 02:02
I have been googling relentlessly for this song, and your post is the only one that came up. I also cannot believe it's not on the Internet. Loved it years ago and it still moves me now. I used to think it was sung by Bob Fitts/The Maranatha Singers/Rejoice Africa Album... If you eventually get it, please, update this post. I'm sure there are other people who also remember this song.

Stay blessed.
Posted:  22 Jun 2013 18:06
Rivers of Praise - A WorldBeat Celebration
tracks 1. Haleluyah, 2. Thy Holy Mountain, 3. Everlasting Love, 4. Carried Away, 5. You Restore My Soul, 6. He is Good, 7. Deep, Deep Love, 8. Three in One, 9. Alive in Christ, 10. I have Decided (Follow the Lord).

Posted:  19 Aug 2013 20:10
Please where do I download this song as Mp3?
Posted:  05 Sep 2013 01:02
I too have been searching for that fantastic album, 'Rivers of Praise'. 'Thy Holy Mountain' is one of the sweetest songs ever.
The album is available from Amazon.
Posted:  10 Jan 2014 13:12
I'm so happy there are individuals who listened to this album. The lyrics were deep and soul-refreshing. I need that album again!
Posted:  07 Feb 2014 18:12
Omg! I thought I was the only one that knew this song. Such a powerful album. I have searched endlessly for this song. I need the album too.
Posted:  09 Aug 2014 23:08
I too have been searching  unsuccessfully for the CD 'Rivers Of Praise' since 1999.

"Thy Holy Mountain" is the most beautiful song on that fantastic album.
Posted:  09 Aug 2014 23:16
The album was the brainchild of Michael & Terri Harriton
Posted:  06 Feb 2015 23:21
Anyone got lucky finding this album? I am dying to get "Thy Holy Mountain!" Been searching for years. Pls anyone?
Posted:  14 Feb 2015 01:20
Hi, I too had this tape and have been searching for it for some time. Was such a blessing when I was growing up years ago.
Posted:  29 Jun 2015 12:54
Hi I too had this tape years ago and it was such a blessing. Please, if anyone comes across it in whichever format I would like to know how to obtain it.
Posted:  23 Aug 2015 13:54
This is really strange. I taught this song to our youth choir, in my day as music coordinator and youth leader. I got it from my predecessor. Is there no way reaching the artists or producers. Just returned from service and was to teach it to our choir this weekend, only to stumble on this thread. Just reading all the comments is like really powerful testimonies of the impact one song could have for Christ in our fallen world.
Posted:  06 Apr 2016 10:52
Hi all ,

I got this whole Album, who ever wants it send me your e mail on smwalukasa@yahoo.com
Posted:  01 May 2017 16:16
Hi, people. I too was digging for information on this song, so I reached out to Tim Hosman, who replied:

"Thanks for the nice note.

I wrote the lyric to Holy Mtn.

I'm not sure where my copy of that project is, but I believe it was sung by the co-composer Sy Gorieb (aka Sy Goraieb).

The album was produced by LA composer Michael Harriton.

There was a delightful group of 5 siblings from Africa that did some singing. I sang a few songs myself."

I then looked up Sy Goraieb, who was also kind enough to write back:

"I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to receive your email – it means more than you know.

That song is one of Tim’s and my favorites.  Actually, the producers wanted a different song of ours for the album, called “PEACE,” but it was on hold to be recorded on  Integrity Hosanna’s “REJOICE AFRICA” (you should check it out on itunes), so we wrote this one, with a similar feel, for RIVERS OF PRAISE. 

THY HOLY MOUNTAIN was recorded as produced by Michael Harriton. We had some great musicians on the session, most notably, John Patitucci on Bass (his bass solo is amazing). Tim Hosman and I, along with the Kintaudi Family from Zaire and Tami Fick performed the lead and background vocals. There was an amazing South African guitar player on the track, as well, Louis Wasson – what a blessing and an exemplar of pure, raw talent. That’s the song’s history in a “nutshell.”

Again, thank you for your encouragement and for taking the time to connect."
Posted:  24 Jun 2017 04:16
How beautiful to stumble upon this thread... I so loved working on this song vocally... And truly loved working with Sy and Tim.. Michael and Terri... It was a beautiful memory made and forever cherished...love, Tami Fick
Posted:  03 Dec 2017 04:00
Tami Flick, Tim Hosman, Sy Gorieb,
Hoping you get to read this thread, and my feelings about
Thy Holy Mountain on that divinely inspired album.

I published this on August 28, 2013 -
"The music is captivating. The lyrical content is inspiring. The melodies will play in your mind constantly. "Thy Holy Mountain" is without doubt one of the most beautiful works I have ever heard".

Thank you very much
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