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The Hymn Lyrics Detective / Forum / Hymn Lyrics - Search Requests / My Father's house above, O when shall I be there. To sing of thy redeeming love, and all Thy Glories
Posted:  14 Dec 2010 00:04
It's 50 years since I heard this hymn
Posted:  21 Feb 2011 01:05
If anybody can tell me the rest of the lyrics or the name of the hymn I'd be very grateful

My email is tom_w_tom@hotmail.co.uk
Posted:  30 Mar 2014 17:43
I've got it , let me know your contact details. M.
Posted:  20 Oct 2017 19:34
If you guys are still around this forum, I would also like the title and lyrics for this. I only know it as the lee fair anthem or my father's house above. We have been searching the web for any more information but this seems to be the only mention.
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