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Posted:  05 Dec 2010 07:16
looking for a song  maybe just a chorus of some sort -  we sang at VBS when i was a child

love, love  l.O.V.E

also sang done, done D.O.N.E


gone, gone Gone.

one part was something like finished Christ cried as on Calvary he died now he's gone gone gone (or maybe it's done done done) 

seems like there may have been another word that was spelled too but not sure

Posted:  06 Dec 2010 18:32
Love Love L.O.V.E
Love Love boundless and free
Jesus left Heaven to die on a tree
It was love love love.

Come Come C.O.M.E
Come come come unto me
Jesus receives who so ever believes
When they come come come.

Done Done D.O.N.E
Done done done perfectly
Finished Christ cried when on Calvary He died
So it's done done done

***I think there is a verse that says Mine Mine M.I.N.E - Mine mine eternity..., but I don't know the rest.  I'll have to ask around.
Posted:  15 Dec 2010 06:50
thanks - funny how you remember so much of things you learned as a child & haven't heard for years
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 07:15
Love Love L.O.V.E
Love Love boundless and free
Jesus left Heaven to die on a tree
This was love, love, love!

Done, Done, D.O.N.E
Done, done, done perfectly!
"Finished!" Christ cried, when on Calvary He died,
So it's done, done, done!

Come, Come, C.O.M.E
Come, come, "come unto me";
Jesus receives whosoever believes,
When they come, come, come!

Mine, mine, M-I-N-E.
Mine, mine, eternally;
Wonderful lovem Jesus came from above,
To be mine, mine, mine!
Posted:  19 Mar 2013 22:38
Love love l-o-v-e love love boundless and free
christ left his glory oh wonderful story of love love love

mine mine m-i-n-e mine mine eternally
wonderful love jesus came from above
to be mine mine mine

come come c-o-m-e come come unto me
jesus receives whosoever believes
you may come come come

Done done d-o-n-e done done yes, perfectly
it is finished christ cried when on calvery he died it is done done done!
Posted:  14 Mar 2014 14:07
Anyone have the sheet music for this?
Posted:  06 Apr 2017 17:42
This song was written by A.P. Gibbs.   He had some little songbooks that he published, and I know my parents bought them.  I could try to scan and send it to you if you are still searching for it.
Posted:  30 Oct 2017 02:56
Where's the music for it. Just looking at the lyrics doesn't yield the tune.
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