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Posted:  20 Nov 2006 16:09
Can anyone kindly help me with the lyrics of all the stanzas of the hymn titled "Fading away like the stars of the mornig"

Many thanks.
Posted:  19 Jan 2008 00:22
Ever remembered

Fading away like the stars of the morning,
Losing their light in the glorious sun;
So let me steal away, gently and lovingly,
Only remembered by what I have done.

Ever remembered, forever remembered,
Ever remembered while the years are rolling on,
Ever remembered, forever remembered,
Only remembered by what I have done.

So let my name and my place be forgotten,
Only my life-race be patiently run;
So let me pass away, peacefully, silently,
Only remembered by what I have done. Refrain

So, in the harvest, if others may gather,
Sheaves from the fields that in spring I have sown,
Who plowed or sowed matters not to the reaper -
I'm only remembered by what I have done.  Refrain

Fading away like the stars of the morning,
So let my name be unhonored, unknown,
Here, or up yonder, I must be remembered,
Only remembered by what I have done. Refrain
Posted:  09 Jul 2009 16:41
Wonderful hymn. Its the one my mother used to sing very often. She
had a very hard life. She was a woman of faith and I can remember
the wonderful things she had done for us. Once when there was very
little money in the house ( my father had just died of cancer ), she
gave the little she had to a poor person at the door. Believe it or not
the next day she received 10 times in return from an anonymous donor.
God is no man's debtor.
Posted:  23 Jul 2009 12:28
Why not do good then, that yee be remembered for good things.
Posted:  14 May 2010 17:30
Ever remembered is one hymn that reminds that one day, people will look for me in the world, but they will never see me. Even when I am no more, that when I die, the only thing that I will be remembered is the things I have done whether good or bad.

I love singing the hymn when I do, I sing it with passion and deep reflect into my life whether I am doing what is right.

Truly, each one of us must be remembered by what we have done.
Some think it is a funeral hymn, but I think that it is a song for the living, because the dead can't sing and can't hear when such hymns are song.

Emmanuel Enyinnaya Appolos, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lagos Nigeria, appolos2@yahoo.com
Posted:  29 Jul 2010 01:32
Thank GOD Amighty for the hymns. This hymn reminds me of my dear mother as well. She did'nt have much of this world's riches, but was richly blessed in spirit. O, the challenging power of this hymn even in the Ibo language. Hard to know that she's been long gone now. I will always remember her also for songs like this.
Posted:  21 Nov 2010 13:44
It is an ever green hymn. When we sing it at the passing away of someone, it is an indication
That such will be sung in our remembrance. I asked myself what I can be remembered
For. I want to be remembered for my guardiance for the young one.

Rotimi Nigeria
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 10:52
I just luv dis song i want 2 be remembered here and yonder
Posted:  26 Jul 2011 07:36
In Africa this is a traditional Anglican hymn sung usually at funerals. Many of us have come, rightly or wrongly, to associate it with death or dying. In that way it plays out good for it reminds us that one day like our forebears, people will look for us and we would not be there: only the truth we have spoken while alive will live on while we w'd forgotten. How it beckons on us to live cautiously with the future in view in our increasingly growing materialistic world. As I go through the poem I reminiscence on greats saints of old: godly men and women whom I have had the privilege of attending their funerals. They are no longer around but their deeds live on with such good memories that i also strive to live well serving my Maker, the Lord God Almighty and His son, Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, Deliverer, Saviour and Messiah who died on the cross to set me free from sin and evil habits. It is a great hymn any time. Okechuku Kehinde, USA-Nigeria.
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 10:05
Death must surely meet us one day, but how or with what must we be remembered for. Please answer this question now that you are still alive and may you be remembered for good in Jesus name ,Amen.I love this hymn for its ever green messages.May God give to us more choruses,songs and hymns of this kind with life challenging and transforming messages that will outlive the Composers from generation to generation if Christ Tarries.amen.

          Pastor Nnadi Matthew A 
          NIGERIA - USA
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 10:35
My comment above is for the version of the hymn "ONLY REMEMBERED",Composed by  Ira D.Sankey


Pastor Nnadi Matthew A
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:39
This is a beautiful hymn; it reminds us that as we mourn our departed loved ones, we would also be mourned  someday. After the mourning is over, the legacy left behind, good or bad, will live after us. I will continue to strive for the positive things in life, by the grace of God.
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:46
This is a beautiful hymn; it reminds us that as we mourn our departed loved ones, we would also be mourned  someday. After the mourning is over, the legacy left behind, good or bad, will live after us. I will continue to strive for the positive things in life, by the grace of God, knowing that we will all fade away at the appointed time, like the stars of the morning. Thank you Lord.

Florence Alohan-Iyasere, USA
Posted:  01 Nov 2012 06:23
Yes,a hymn for the living-to always number our days for there must be a last moment in our lives. I have made the hymn my national anthem,so God empower me to  live well and be remem
bered for good!
Posted:  09 Nov 2012 15:57
This hymn is powerful message for the living. My life changed the day I sang it with my soul, not just my mouth.
Posted:  15 Jun 2013 12:17
What a song, I woke up every morning and that song is always on my lips, I may not open my mouth wide in singing it but my inside heart is doing justice to what my outside mouth if failing to do. I love this song.  A song meant to remind us that we all have a limited time here on earth. Only remembered by the things you have Done.
Posted:  17 Jul 2013 16:40
Fading Away Like the Stars of the Morning is not a song that we should sing only during funerals. Infact it should be one of our favorite hymns. It is a hymn of consolation. It reminds us that in this world all that is required of us is to sincerely do our little best.  It is a hymn we should always whisper in our heart as we go about our daily duties knowing that one day when our life here on earth is over, our acts of kindness to others will continue to live on in honor of God because that is what we will be remembered for.

Hope Obioma Dike
Baltimore, MD
Posted:  01 Nov 2013 02:51
The song is a life time message every Christian must read and ponder to heart.
Pst.Iswell Mark Nigeria
Posted:  12 Nov 2013 09:48
Please someone should send me this hymn cos I have been longing to have it. Please mp3 or mp4 the song and the lyrics
wetben686@yahoo.com. God bless.
Wetben Nigeria
Posted:  12 Dec 2013 13:31
I think this lyrics has been altered, it is Only remembered and Ever remembered.
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