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Posted:  18 Nov 2006 18:51
Does anyone know the words to "I'm A Winner Etiher Way"? I cannot find this no where...
Posted:  19 Nov 2006 04:46
Hi witness girl you will find the words for the song you are looking for in a post that I requested and someone gave it to me. it was on Nov. 10, so enjoy and may god bless you. workingforgod2004
Posted:  19 Nov 2006 22:33
I'm A Winner Either Way
Verse 1
A loved one knew he neared the end of life's journey
But he'd been holding to God's hand a long, long time
As I knelt beside his bed my heart was blessed by what he said,
"If I go or if I stay, victory's mine."

I'm a winner either way
If I go or if I stay
Cause I'll still have Jesus with me
Each passing day
I'll have a healing here below
Or life forever if I go
Praise the Lord,
I'm a winner either way!

Verse 2
None of us really know about tomorrow
So we must prepare to go to Heaven any day
While we're here, just trust the Lord
He'll lead us there for our reward
By His grace, we'll be a winner either way!
Repeat Chorus
Posted:  03 Jul 2007 23:04
"I'm A Winner Either Way" - I heard this song in an old country church in LA (Lower Alabama).  Performed solo by a man in a wheel chair.  He was in very poor physical condition.  Tune was simple and the moment was as good as it gets.  A blessing it was.  I laughed and I cried over this occasion.  As good as it gets till the good lord calls us home.
Posted:  28 Sep 2007 06:38
I'm a winner was sung at my Grandfather Noah Kirkpatrick's funeral at Grassy Friendship Baptist Church. It was particularly interesting to me because he was positive like the lyrics indicate. This song was sung by Gene Robins, the minister and friend of my Grandfather and it was powerful because there was so much emotion sung with it. These lyrics to that song seems inspired. Sincerely Spiritnlife.
Posted:  06 Mar 2008 21:14
does anyone know where you can get the music to I'm a winner either way?
I heard it at a church in Fla and would like to know the music to it.
Guest reader
Posted:  31 Jul 2008 19:23
lalalalalalalalalalal  i love this song its the best and i love to sing a lot but i dont sing in church because i'm shy and stuff...but just going to church and hearing this song makes my heart be filled with happiness and joy....i sing it myself at home but i dont know all the words...
Posted:  14 Nov 2008 23:36
An older lady in our church sings this. I cry about every time I hear it. I was just humming this song yesterday. Now I can come here and get the words. Blessings to all.
Posted:  15 Nov 2008 04:48
You can purchase a soundtrack for this song at www.daywind.com
The version sang by the Inspirations.
Posted:  12 May 2009 05:06
i bought it a yard salegreat song moving and grooving  i glad we got words to it we looked and looked.my the good lord blees you
Posted:  06 Jun 2009 17:09
the song was written by Luara colston from Tn, her husband was dieing of cancer and the preacher came to pray with him and told him theres no way he can lose, and he said yes im a winner either way, the preacher told her theres a song in that and she asked him to write it, and he said no its your story your write it, she had never written a song before, but the lord blessed her in the words she put togther the song is such a blessing to hear,  i think it was written in 91 and in 98 was done by a band i cant remember the name, but if you google Luara colston should be able to find it,
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 20:23
2 find the lyrics go to google and type lyrics for im a winner either way
but i dont know how 2play it on the mandolin does any body know if you do
help me B-4 sunday july 28 2009
Posted:  19 Jul 2009 23:02
does any body know the website to figure out how to play this song  on the mandolin
Posted:  11 Apr 2010 03:58
if anyone knows how to get a copy of the song "I'm a winner either way" I would like to get a copy of the sheet music with cords


Thanks for your help
Posted:  11 Apr 2010 14:28
I went to you-tube and emailed Bird Youmas who sings it and he wrote back he plays it in the C chord.
Hope this helps.
There is a program called Freecorder and ya can record from your speakers
on you-tube then burn it to disc which I did.
Works great.
Posted:  27 May 2010 05:12
Hello All,
   I left another message somewhere on here...But I'll leave it here, too. I wrote the song, "I'm A Winner Either Way" and recorded it a few years ago. I see a lot of folks need lyrics, etc. I get emails/calls/mail all the time about it, so if I can help, don't hesitate to contact me. www.lewisandlewis.org.
God bless all of you,
Laura Colston Lewis
Posted:  12 Sep 2010 22:37
it  was laura  colston  that  wrote  this song  and she didnt write it  about  her husband it  was a friend of hers  thats dad was dying  she  is now known as laura lewis  part of the husband and wife team of lewis and lewis
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