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Posted:  13 Feb 2010 02:43
I am looking for a copy of "Here O Lord," played by the Goretti Group on YouTube.com.  I found it on Amazon.com, but in that version, they leave off the first verse "Every night before I sleep...."  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the song as sung on YouTube.com
Posted:  13 Feb 2010 08:00
I found these lyrics as well.  For the song, Sing out my soul to the Lord:

Sing Out My Soul to the Lord

  Sing out my soul to the Lord,

  For He alone understands

  The loneliness you live in;

  Place all your cares in His hands.

  He'll be there when you're in need,
  And help you when you go wrong.
  Sing out your soul to the Lord your God;
  His love will carry you along.

             COPYRIGHT �1980 Pat Gabriel
    All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or
      in part without permission is prohibited.

Source: http://www.hymns.net/lyrics/index.htm#s
Posted:  21 Feb 2010 06:15
Does anyone have the words for 'How I longed to call you" the 2nd song on the CD

Posted:  23 Feb 2010 17:03
So glad to have found this forum today.  I followed Trinidad's links to the cd and that is the song I have been trying to find.  I'm now looking for the sheet music but don't know who wrote the song.  Nikki, does your mom's album list the song writer or just the performers?

Posted:  23 Feb 2010 22:30
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhmC_3sGgNc&am ...

You can listen to it on YouTube.com
Posted:  16 Mar 2010 14:56
Thank you Nikki, this song had been lingering in my mind, thoughts and spirit for the past few months, I tried every thing to obtain the additional words for it.
Thank you, for bringing it all together.

May God bless your mama for having that old LP, we must never forget humble beginnings.
Ingrid L.
Posted:  08 Apr 2010 01:16
I love this song, and just l listened to it on youtube by the Goretti Group. It seems to me the version I heard back in Jamaica as a little girl was a different version. I enjoyed it though.
Posted:  19 Apr 2010 01:37
Thanks for the lyrics, Nikki.  This is the version I remember, from growing up in the USA.

I have been trying to get the guitar chords, so that I can reminice with people my age, and introduce another generation to this beautiful and moving hymn at Mass.

I worked out the following basic progression, but I am not sure if this is right.  Does anyone out there have or remember the cords?  (I have tried to align the cords with the words, but when I preview what I have written, the alignment is different.  I think it's close now for the chorus and 1st verse.  I hope you can get the idea.)

C           Am        F                 G      C           Am                 F    G
Hear, oh Lord the sound of my call.  Hear oh Lord and have mercy.
C             Am                 F           G           C           Am          Dm/G    C
My soul is longing for the Glory of you.  So, hear oh Lord and answer me.

1st  Verse
F        G          C      Am        F           G         C  C7   
Every night before I sleep, I pray my soul to take,
     F        G           C    Am      F               Dm G    G7
or else I pray that lonliness is gone when I awake.


2nd Verse
Why do I no longer feel like I've a place to stay?
Oh take me where someone will care so fear will go away.


3rd Verse
In you oh Lord I place my cares and all my troubles too.
Oh grant dear Lord that someday soon I'll live in peace with you.

Posted:  19 Apr 2010 16:03
Does anyone know where I can find just the instrumental including the background vocals to (similar to Karoke) "Hear O Lord" online?
Posted:  02 May 2010 15:34
Use to sing this song growing up in Ja.  I type the words and keep it in my Bible because I love to sing it as a meditation hymn.
So glad others still hold on to this song.  It's beautiful
Posted:  09 Jul 2010 03:12
I am looking for the CD wake up my people by the holy name convent choir. can anyone kindly assist me in finding it.
Thanks very much

Posted:  01 Aug 2010 04:42
I am happy to find the words of this song,as a child and attending the Anglican Church it was my favourite but only the chorus I knew.
Patricia from Jamaica
Posted:  17 Aug 2010 02:41
I am most grateful to have found the lyrics to this hymn because I lost my song book a few years ago and I am trying to collect some old songs that are very dear to me, and this is one of my favourites . Thank you again Nikki and the guest from New Zealand.
Merci Merci Merci d'avoir comblé mon espoir et mon désir de retrouver cet hymne si précieux à mes yeux et mes oreilles.
Patricia de Martinique (French West Indies
Posted:  18 Aug 2010 02:03
Have the album in my house Barbados..Hear oh Lord was my Coretti group n Dixieland..Sing out my soul by Holy Nmae Covent choir with guitars
Posted:  18 Aug 2010 02:05
CHERIE BAYLEY BARBADOS..U can find Draytons Two CDs @ Cave Shepherd or inbond Departure Lounge Airport..think CDBaby might have or u can tune in anyime on youtube or FACEBOOK
Posted:  19 Aug 2010 06:32
This beautiful song reminds me of my childhood. My father bought the LP during a journey to Barbados and I used to play it on sunday afternoon after lunch time. These were happy days... Since then I have lost my parents... And on June 2010, I have had the surprise to rediscover it during a performance by young singers of a local choir in my church, in Martinique. I was amazed ! This song is wonderful ! Many thanks for the lyrics !
Magali from Martinique
Posted:  09 Sep 2010 06:12
Hi all,

Thanks for all your posts. I have some other verses that we have sung in my parish since I was very young in Melbourne, Australia. The verses are quite different. I've been singing this song at funerals for some time but find that the alternative verses listed by others are more appropriate so thank you. Here are the lyrics I have:

Hear O lord, the Sound of My call,
Hear O Lord, and have Mercy.
My soul is longing, for the glory of You
O Hear of Lord, and answer me.

Vs. 1
Take our life, our love, our gifts we offer You O Lord.
The bread and wine will soon be changed,
By Your all powerful Word.

Vs. 2
He who once a victim died, the cross did not refuse.
And day by day, in love divine,
That sacrifice renews.

Vs. 3
The chalice Lord, we offer You, Your majesty we pray.
Its saving pow'r bestow on us,
To give us life today.

Vs. 4
In You O Lord we place our cares. And all our troubles too.
O grant, dear Lord, that someday soon,
We'll live in peace with You.
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 18:49
You guys are amazing. My Grandma played this song every Sunday when I was a child in St. Croix USVI. I asked her about the song years ago and she told me she could not rememeber the artis but it was always one of her her favorite songs. I get chills just thinking about it. I will purchase the cd.

Thanks for making my day.
Posted:  12 Dec 2010 17:24
I've known this song for decades as the as the same as---
Posted:  02 Jun 2008 05:21    ---had stated.   plus, the chorus is "call", not voice as per the version sung here in South Texas.
Posted:  30 May 2011 04:05
Ray Rep wrote the song.
and I know words like Barron wrote above.
I sang it for my mothers funeral this week. I also have known it as a child since I was playing in the pews.

Posted:  25 Jan 2012 02:08   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hello nice too see that i am not the only who is looking for this cd . I remember that my mom played this lp. I have enough now information now too buy the cd.

Posted:  24 Aug 2014 04:39
Hear O Lord, Folk Mass, Ray Repp, 1966
Posted:  22 Dec 2014 07:33
Oh gosh!
I've sung it over and over through the yrs and I'm 50 yrs old now, and tonight It came to my mind again, as it often does.
Of course, I couldn't remember all the words , try as I might.
I love this song, I do remember back then, growing up  how I would
Sing it , because I needed to talk to God, and this song,  showed him, how much I did/ do need his help.

This time I decided to give it a try and look it up .
I'm so grateful to everyone , I've found it.
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