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Posted:  15 Oct 2010 02:49
Hi, anyone know the lyrics and chords for Michael Combs "I know my name is written there"?  can't find them anywhere on the net and hardly ever hear the song on the radio.  thanks so much Niki
Posted:  17 Oct 2010 18:06
I think these are the lyrics you're looking for:

Well I may not be know theology as well as some other men,
But I know that Jesus shed His blood to pay for all my sins;
I know that up in heaven there's a book of life prepared,
And I know I'm bound for gloryland to a land beyond compare.

And I know, I know, I know, yes I know.
My name is written there.

Well I may not know the hour and I may not know the day,
But there's one thing I know for sure, I know He's on His way;
And I know that when they call the roll, I know I will not fret,
Because I know it's just a matter of time before my name is read.


Well I know I know without a doubt in my mind,
I know I'm His and He is mine.
I know, I know, yes I know, I know,
My name is written there.
I know, I know, yes I know, I know,
My name is written there.

Different groups tend to improvise the third verse and the chorus, but you get the idea

God bless!
Posted:  26 Oct 2010 06:16
thanks so much...have been out of town, etc and haven't checked here for a while.  I appreciate the lyrics...wouldn't happen to have the chords would you???   God bless you too (and He does) Niki
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