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Posted:  15 Nov 2006 16:18
I am looking for the song lyrics to "Its in my heart"
Posted:  17 Nov 2006 12:18
I think this is the song you require:


Though some may sing to pass the weary night along
Though some may sing to entertain a worldly throng
I sing because I worship God in song
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

It's in my heart, this melody of love divine
It's in my heart, since I am His and He is mine
It's in my heart, how can I help but sing and shine
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

You ask me why I know His blood can cleanse alone;
You ask my who I know He sits upon the throne
And why I know He chose me as His own
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

You ask me how I find the time to read and pray
You ask me how I smile when things are far from gay
You ask me how I sing His praises come what may
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

I may not know the skillful use of tongue or pen
To prove my Lord's return to unbelieving men
But this I know, He's coming back again,
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

God bless
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 03:41
i love this song but i need the music to it!!!!!
Posted:  19 Nov 2008 00:20
love it!!!
its on my mom's cd
Posted:  12 Jan 2009 01:29
I have been searching for so long for this song.  Thank you Thank you.   NOW What CD?   Name/Artist?
Posted:  15 Mar 2009 20:42
I first heard this song sung by a converted drunkard in Perth, Scotland in 1973. It has continued to bless me ever since.
Posted:  16 Aug 2009 18:42
DOES someone know the writer of It's In my Heart?  And who has recorded it?  Thank you and may blessings. Ms. Galloway 8 16 2009 Florida
Posted:  07 Feb 2010 23:14
How can I hear the music to this soul stirring song ?
Posted:  08 Jun 2010 18:57
Thank you!
Posted:  15 Jun 2010 15:31
Love this song , i heard a lady sing it at work.  i learn the words from her and sang it in church.love it.                 New Orleans LA.
Posted:  13 Feb 2011 12:22
this song was written by arthur slater 1941
Posted:  12 Apr 2011 05:15
I have no idea who wrote this song..The man that use to sing it at my church was Rev. Othello Swansey. Whenever he sang this song I told him he was the "Black 0 Frank Sinatra." Does anybody from Ward Memorial at 4820 S Prairie remember him singing this song????
Posted:  14 Apr 2011 04:07
I love you Rev Swansey.. Juanita, Eugene, Janet, Cheryl and Cherhonda.  The Terrell's
Posted:  30 Apr 2012 02:18
It's In My Heart, Melody of Love Divine    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSFrFIf_RBs
Posted:  24 Sep 2012 13:29
Love this song
Posted:  02 Jan 2013 18:08
I grew up in Roberts Temple COGIC in Chicago.  Now that I am older, and really have an understanding more of what it means to walk with the Lord, the song has so much meaning for me.  I can see Bro Morrison now, standing up and singing so beautifully, "It's in my  heart, this melody of love- divine..."
Posted:  27 Jun 2013 14:50
Harvey watkins JR sings this song but im not sure if he wrote it or not.
Posted:  09 Dec 2013 20:08
Thank you very much for posting this great song.  I've been  looking for it for some time.  I sang this song as a final for voice lesson class I had in 1961.  Can't sing this song unless it is in your heart to love God. Bob Royer
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