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Posted:  15 Nov 2006 16:18
I am looking for the song lyrics to "Its in my heart"
Posted:  17 Nov 2006 12:18
I think this is the song you require:


Though some may sing to pass the weary night along
Though some may sing to entertain a worldly throng
I sing because I worship God in song
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

It's in my heart, this melody of love divine
It's in my heart, since I am His and He is mine
It's in my heart, how can I help but sing and shine
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

You ask me why I know His blood can cleanse alone;
You ask my who I know He sits upon the throne
And why I know He chose me as His own
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

You ask me how I find the time to read and pray
You ask me how I smile when things are far from gay
You ask me how I sing His praises come what may
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

I may not know the skillful use of tongue or pen
To prove my Lord's return to unbelieving men
But this I know, He's coming back again,
It's in my heart, it's in my heart.

God bless
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 03:41
i love this song but i need the music to it!!!!!
Posted:  19 Nov 2008 00:20
love it!!!
its on my mom's cd
Posted:  12 Jan 2009 01:29
I have been searching for so long for this song.  Thank you Thank you.   NOW What CD?   Name/Artist?
Posted:  15 Mar 2009 20:42
I first heard this song sung by a converted drunkard in Perth, Scotland in 1973. It has continued to bless me ever since.
Posted:  16 Aug 2009 18:42
DOES someone know the writer of It's In my Heart?  And who has recorded it?  Thank you and may blessings. Ms. Galloway 8 16 2009 Florida
Posted:  07 Feb 2010 23:14
How can I hear the music to this soul stirring song ?
Posted:  08 Jun 2010 18:57
Thank you!
Posted:  15 Jun 2010 15:31
Love this song , i heard a lady sing it at work.  i learn the words from her and sang it in church.love it.                 New Orleans LA.
Posted:  13 Feb 2011 12:22
this song was written by arthur slater 1941
Posted:  12 Apr 2011 05:15
I have no idea who wrote this song..The man that use to sing it at my church was Rev. Othello Swansey. Whenever he sang this song I told him he was the "Black 0 Frank Sinatra." Does anybody from Ward Memorial at 4820 S Prairie remember him singing this song????
Posted:  14 Apr 2011 04:07
I love you Rev Swansey.. Juanita, Eugene, Janet, Cheryl and Cherhonda.  The Terrell's
Posted:  30 Apr 2012 02:18
It's In My Heart, Melody of Love Divine    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSFrFIf_RBs
Posted:  24 Sep 2012 13:29
Love this song
Posted:  02 Jan 2013 18:08
I grew up in Roberts Temple COGIC in Chicago.  Now that I am older, and really have an understanding more of what it means to walk with the Lord, the song has so much meaning for me.  I can see Bro Morrison now, standing up and singing so beautifully, "It's in my  heart, this melody of love- divine..."
Posted:  27 Jun 2013 14:50
Harvey watkins JR sings this song but im not sure if he wrote it or not.
Posted:  09 Dec 2013 20:08
Thank you very much for posting this great song.  I've been  looking for it for some time.  I sang this song as a final for voice lesson class I had in 1961.  Can't sing this song unless it is in your heart to love God. Bob Royer
Posted:  14 Apr 2015 08:50
This song was written by Arthur Slater in 1941; arranged by JG Boersma in 1941 and renewed in 1968 at the Gospel Publishing HOuse, Assigned 1997 to Lorenz Corporation but the arrangement by Sanada McFall was made famous by Gospel Hall of Fame singer Shirley Ables & the Joy Combined Voices of Joy out of Washington DC in 1981. Recorded on Virtue Records out of Philadelphia, PA. For more info and contact google Shirley Ables & the Joy Singers
Posted:  14 Apr 2015 08:52
The information about Shirley Ables and the Joy Singers is now reconfirmed by singer Yasmeen. I know because I was there! check out www.yasmeensummermusic.com
Posted:  05 Jul 2016 10:37
My Father use to sing this song when I was a kid. It has been with me through out time. He has passed on, so in remembrance I waount to sing this song.  As I wrote the words down, I understand why he song it so often. Its so s  soulf and beautiful! Thank you Kimberly Wolf
Posted:  16 Jan 2017 01:45
Check out a version written by Rev. JAMES CLEVELAND at


Posted:  11 Oct 2017 14:03
I believe this song is in the hymn book
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