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Posted:  28 Sep 2010 16:20
I only remember the chorus for this song. I know it is old, and I can;t find anything online for it:

I believe God though the lightning is flashing
I believe God though the thunder is crashing
I believe God when the storm is all passed
That we'll reach the other side safe at last
Thought the Lord stood by me in the darkest night
Said sweet child of mine everything is alright
You're never alone
We'll make it on home
For I believe God.

Posted:  23 Apr 2012 03:56
V1. Well Paul and Luke were taking a trip, when the south winds blew softly they boarded a ship. The destination already planned, they were guided by God's mighty hand. But soon after the ship set sail, they encountered a stormy gail. When the sun did not shine, oh Paul did not whine, he said I believe God.


V2: Along life's path they'll be storms to face, but we're gonna make it by amazing grace. It's been good for each mile, good for each trial that I've gone through. So I'll just keep holding to God's might hand, Cause I know one day I'll reach heaven's strand. Gonna reach the other shore, gonna shout it once more, for I believe God.

Chorus again.

Tag: You're never alone, we'll make it on home, for I believe God.
Posted:  28 Jul 2012 03:38
Can anyone tell me who sings this song? I can't remember. I'm trying to learn it to sing at church.
Posted:  29 Jul 2012 17:20
I believe that the song was sung by James and Starla Dean.


Here are some links to preview/purchase the song:



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