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Posted:  13 Nov 2006 05:09   Last Edited By: bhcatron
Lyrics for "I want to thank jesus"
Posted:  18 Nov 2006 07:37
Here you go The Coffey Family sing this song

I Want To Thank Jesus

One morning at day break, as the crowd slowly gathered they were walking my Lord up ,calvary’s hilt, so sad was his face that, the birds hushed their singing, like a sheep he was humble, to his fathers own will.

I want to thank Jesus ,for the plan of salvation to say Lord I love you for you understand , I want to be there on, that great judgement morning, to kiss all the nail prints, in his feet and his hands.

On the cross as he hung in shame there forsaken, as they drove the cruel nails in his hands and his feet, as death closed his eyes his cry went to Heaven, oh Father forgive them, my spirit receive.

In the tomb he was laid but, death could not hold him he was God’s only son in this world of sin, on the cross he fulfilled the plan of salvation, don’t reject when he calls for, he’s coming again.
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