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Posted:  28 Aug 2010 07:52
Looking for the words to this song here is part of the chorus - I was nothing but a sinner just a poor lost helpless soul
Posted:  04 Sep 2011 04:52
I am also looking for this song.  I know part of it, but cannot remember the last verse. If you know the last verse, please post it.  Thanks!  The first verse goes..... 

Redeemed is such a small word, but it means the world to me
It means love and life, the very air I breathed.
For it means that I was pardoned, I'm forgiven for my sins
I lift holy hands to you Lord, I'm redeemed

I was nothing but a sinner, just a poor lost wretched soul
Hungry for the truth but I had no place else to go
And then a change took place, amazing grace
Became real in me
And I owe it all to you Lord, I'm redeemed.
Posted:  11 Nov 2012 21:00
Lord, I love you today, More than I did yesterday,
And I'll love you tomorrow, More again
For your care so tenderly, In everything concerning me,
And I love you most of all that I'm redeemed.
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