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Posted:  22 Aug 2010 20:36
Cant figure out the title or what hymn this is.. please help!

"one day i was wondering whats life all about. Its so full of heartache restlessness and doubt? Then a gentle Savior whispered words of love, pointed me toward Heaven, wrote my name above. I know where i'm going and who i'm going to see. i have a friend named Jesus waiting there for me...."

Sang it in the 70's but cant find it anywhere or if the lyrics i remember I correct
Posted:  23 Aug 2010 22:57
One Day I Was Wondering

One day I was wondering, what’s it all about,

Life is full of heartbreak, restlessness and doubt.

Then a gentle stranger whispered words of love,

Pointed me to heaven, wrote my name above.

I know where I'm go - ing and who I’m going to see.

I have a friend named  Je - sus waiting there for me.

He has given something that only He can give.

He gave His life in payment    so that I could live.

There are many mansions He’s preparing there,

That could not be purchased by a millionaire.

Streets of gold that glitter, gates of pearly white,

In a day eternal where there is no night.

Friend if you are searching for a better way,

I’m recommending Jesus, trust in Him today.

He will give life meaning like no other can.

Come and travel with me, to the promised land.
Posted:  13 Mar 2011 03:54
Who wrote this?
Posted:  24 Mar 2011 08:04
any chords?
Posted:  21 Feb 2013 07:57
I always thought the Gaither's wrote this song. I have been unable to find it until tonight. Whomever posted it, Thank you very much,  I can sing it without music, I remember the tune, but still unable to find the tune...
Posted:  21 Feb 2013 09:58
I think youtube has it,
Posted:  07 Oct 2013 16:27
Wonderful!  Thank you.
Posted:  25 Nov 2013 05:20
am longing for this song .keep up the the good work
Posted:  24 Oct 2017 18:42
Does anyone have the sheet music for this for the piano?
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