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Posted:  20 Aug 2010 01:44
anyone with the lyrics to--chorus says-I'm so glad He found me yes he found me wrapped His arms around me????
Posted:  20 Aug 2010 03:39
I hope this is the one you wanted, God Bless!

I’m So Glad He Found Me

Verse: 1
I was on the mountain, I was wondering from the fountain,
when I heard my Savior call to me, he said come to me relenting,
and of your sins repenting, cause I want to lead you out where you can see.

And I’m so glad he found me, with love he bound me,
put his arms around me, and he lead me, to the shelter,
and now I’m one of his own, and oh what joy in knowing,
with hearts a glowing, someday I’m going, to my home,
my home in Glory, and walk on streets paved with gold.

Verse 2:
I’m gonna love him ever, and I’ll stray from Jesus never,
because he’s the dearest friend I ever knew,
and when I see him yonder, this love will still grow fonder,
in that happy home beyond the blue.
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