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Posted:  14 Aug 2010 06:11
I'm searching for the lyrics to a song that the Singing Mcfalls used to perform.  It's title is similar to another old hymn, and so far that hymn is the only one I have been able to find the lyrics to.  The chorus of the song the Mcfalls sang goes something like this:

Is that the old ship of zion
Anchored in the harbor
The captain is the man from Galilee
He stands with outstretched arms
Saying Whosoever Will
Jesus, don't let that ship
Sail without me

That's the best I can remember...haven't heard the song since I was 6 years old, and 21 years has probably made my memory a little fuzzy on the exact words.  If anyone knows the words I would greatly appreciate it. 

I am also searching for some other Mcfall songs, so if you happen to be a wealth of knowledge on the singing Mcfalls, please let me know.

Posted:  11 Jan 2011 06:35
This is Tina McFall, and I am married to Daniel McFall, he was one of the singers, i am doing this strictly by memory too!  So happy to see someone interested in this song, written by my father-in-law, the late James McFall.

Is that the old ship of Zion, anchored in the harbour with its blood stained banner waiving high
Do I hear a voice calling all aboard while you have time cause this old
ship is sailing with  the tide.

Its the old ship of Zion , making final preparation, the caption is the man from
He stands with outstretched arms , saying whosoever will
Captain , dont let that ship sail without me.

I can see the main sail hoisting , they're pulling up the anchor  its destination is to that city in the sky
oh all the saints they are gaithering to go home and live forever oh Lord im running as fast as i can 
and i hope i make it in time.
Posted:  09 May 2011 20:06
Thank you so much!!  The McFalls used to come sing at a church where my dad pastored in Mississippi when I was very young.  We have some of their tapes stored in such a secure location that we're having trouble locating them!!  Do you know if you can purchase any of their older music anywhere?  They are wonderful!!  Thanks so much!
Posted:  29 May 2011 01:15
Where is the music for this song.  I'd love to sing it if its suitable.  The words are great!

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