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Posted:  06 Aug 2010 03:01
looking for lyrics to a song: chorus says--watching you watching you there's an eye from on high watching you.....
Posted:  13 Sep 2010 20:44
I am in the process of moving and my music is packed up right now.  I know some of the words to the song you are wanting but not all. 

You can smoke and you can chew
You can drink your whiskey too
but there's an eye watching you
watching you, you, you the preacher to and me to. there's an eye up on high watcing you

you can gamble, curse and fight
then you go to church and say Im alright
but there's an eye watching you

now to church you dont go
but you stay up and watch the late late show
there's and eye watching you
watching you, you, you, the preacher to and me to. there's an eye up on high watching you.

**I will send you all the words when I get moved.  my email is dmhall7@aol.com
Posted:  22 Aug 2017 21:49
yes yes this is what i have looked to find for years.  There is more and I would love to have the rest of it
Posted:  22 Aug 2017 21:50
i can only remember -- when you paint your face so red like a turkey gobblers head
Posted:  31 Oct 2017 16:18
did you ever find the rest of the words??
Posted:  01 Nov 2017 20:03
what is the name. someone else is trying to figture out the name.
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