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Posted:  03 Aug 2010 19:04
Not sure of the exact words but part of the chorus is:
Linens For Bloodstains
Are All That Remain
Christ Jesus Is Risen Today
Posted:  04 Aug 2010 06:38
Is this what you are looking for?

VS. 1 Someone rolled the stone away was it a thief
No it was an Angel
Mary says he lives again do you believe
Yes he is my Savior
Thomas was a doubter until he saw for himself
Jesus even let him touch the spear hole in his side.

Chorus. He is risen, he is risen, yes my Lord he is risen today
There are linens with bloodstains that is all that remains
There’s nobody left in that grave.

VS. 2 Jesus had to die before we all could be saved
That is how God willed it
Tear this Temple down he said and in three days
I, I will rebuild it
Those who had him crucified thought this would be his end
They did not know the cross would be his victory.

Tag. There are linens with bloodstains that is all that remains
There’s nobody left in that grave.
He is risen.
Posted:  04 Aug 2010 13:21
I'm not sure, but it sounds like the song your looking for is called He Has Risen. If so here are the lyrics for that one. God Bless!

He Has Risen

Verse:  1
Some where in the distance, I heard the hammer ring,
as they drove the nails, in his hands and in his feet,
as a crowd gathered round, saying away with him,
but Jesus knew down in his heart, that he would live again.

He has risen, he has risen, that old tomb is empty now,
all that remains is grave clothes and blood stains,
that old tomb, that old tomb is empty now.

Verse:  2
As he lay there in the tomb the soldiers camped around,
God was making plans to send his angels down,
they hurried down from heaven, they didn’t make a sound,
the spirit spoke to him, he got up and walked around.
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