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Posted:  22 Jul 2010 19:21
words for A Miracle In Every Pew
Posted:  08 Feb 2011 03:22
I would love to get the words to "A Miracle In Every Pew".
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 23:57
I would like to lyrics to A Mircale In Every Pew.
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 19:11
Miracle In Every Pew

Its another Sunday morning
They walk in one by one
Living testimonies of what the Lord has done
Empty broken vessels only grace could fill
Countless mended hearts and lives only God could heal

There's a miracle in every pew
One in me
One in you
We're all living proof
There's nothing God can't do
There's a miracle in every pew

There's one here that some would say
Simply beat the odds
But this family of believers know
It was the hand of God
There's a couple with a baby
The doctors said they'd never have
And several here who lost their way
But now are safely back


They are all around us
Oh, if you only knew
The things our Father has brought His children through
You'll hear it in the voices as we sing His praise
And there's one behind the pulpit
That will speak to us today

Posted:  13 Oct 2015 03:07
I need the chords for this song.
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