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Posted:  13 Jul 2010 08:08
need the words to He Rolls me over the Tide
Posted:  13 Jul 2010 10:56
I pray that this is the one your looking for, God Bless!

He Will Roll You Over The Tide

Verse: 1
When Stephen was accused lonely and bewildered,
no one that day would stand by his side,
he looked in the heavens and saw the face of Jesus,
and he rolled him over the tide.

I've never had a prayer he couldn't answer,
I've never shed a tear he could not dry,
and when the waves of life, are so high you can't mount them,
he will roll you over the tide.

Verse: 2
And when this world is closing in and my life becomes a burden,
I want to run but there's no place to hide,
I just look up like ole Stephen to the right hand of the father,
and he rolls me over the tide.
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