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Posted:  08 Jul 2010 00:44   Last Edited By: ediemay
Tenderly He watches over you
Posted:  20 Jul 2010 19:28
Tenderly He watches over you,
Every step, every mile of the way;
Like a mother watching over her baby,
He is near you every hour of the day.

When you're weak, when you're strong,
When your right, when you're wrong,
In your joy and your pain, When you lose and when you gain:
tenderly he watches over you,
every step, every mile of the way

Long before time began you were part of His plan;
Let no fear cloud your brow, He will not forsake you now:
Tenderly He watches over you Every step every mile of the way

These are Days when the world is uncertain, and the power of the atom unknown;
But a far greater power up yonder
Ever watches and cares for His own
Posted:  13 Oct 2011 00:47
Do you have the sheet music to this song? If so, please let me know by emailing kayesksbeers@gmail.com.
Posted:  14 Dec 2012 15:40
I also have been searching for the sheet music, so please copy me if you find it, please :-)

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