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Posted:  04 Jun 2010 17:39
I remember this song back in around 1950.

1st line "Grace woke me up this morning"
2nd line "And Grace started me on my way"
Posted:  01 Mar 2012 18:12
Finally found the lyrics

Grace, Grace
God's Grace
His Grace is sufficient for me
Grace, Grace
God's Grace
His Grace will give you the victory

Grace woke me up this morning
Grace started me on my way
Grace will make you love your enemies
His grace, will give you, the victory. [or: Grace will brighten up your day]

God bless,
Posted:  29 Jul 2013 00:32
Great....Who is this song by
Posted:  13 Jan 2014 07:19
It's by the Roberta Martin Singers:
Posted:  20 Aug 2014 03:12
Does anyone else sing it
Posted:  05 Jan 2015 05:33
Bishop G. E. Patterson has a video on YouTube singing this song.
Posted:  26 Feb 2017 00:00
Thank you I heard this song as a child at the Emamuel Baptist Church Choir sang in San Francisco, CA, 1960's and  remembered those words but was not sure.
Posted:  13 Apr 2017 02:34
Roberta Martin Singer also perform this song.
Posted:  19 Nov 2017 00:57
This is the song I remember from my youth at Law St Baptist Church in New Orleans. I'm 72 years young now!
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