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Posted:  01 Jun 2010 18:49
Could someone help me with the lyrics for a southern gospel song titled "Have you Heard"?  I believe it was sung by either the Freemans, Hinsons, or Paynes in the 80s.  The chorus goes like this:

Have you heard about this God I know
He's got the situation in control
Have you heard He'll pardon you
And He'll walk with you until your journey's thru
And have you heard He'll heal you now
And loose those demons that'll hold you so bound
Before you give up
Oh, Listen Sir
Ask your brother, Have you Heard.

I loved singing it all the time in church years ago.  Now that I have came back to God and am leading singing at our church, I want to share this song with the congregation but can't remember the second verse.
Posted:  15 Jul 2010 05:33
I think these are the words. I'm not sure about the last word in the 3rd line but I'm sure about the rest. I haven't heard this song for a few years, but this verse always rang in my heart. By the way, I can never remember the first verse. Wanna swap?

Israel stood on Jordan's strand
While the spies went out to search the land
They returned with grapes devine
There's milk and honey and it's so fine
But there's giant over there so big and tall
We look like grasshoppers walking "round so small
But Joshua said with godlike nerve
You bunch of cowards! Have you heard?
Posted:  21 Jul 2010 05:50
Thanks soooo much for that 2nd verse.  I have hunted for about a year in every place I knew to look.  Even asking christian friends at work that sing in church and stuff just trying any way to find these lyrics.  Here's the 1st verse.  Happy to oblige.  Can't wait to share these lyrics thru song at church this weekend.  I know it will be a blessing to the congregation.

The first verse goes like this:

You hear a voice throughout the land
You hear of trouble on every hand
You hear of crying
You hear of dying
Sometimes your vision may even get blurred
You hear of sickness, of pain an woe
You even cut your brother way down low
Before you give up, Oh listen Sir
Ask your brother, Have you Heard
Posted:  23 Aug 2010 18:24
There's milk and honey and a peace so fine.
Posted:  11 Nov 2014 23:30
Does anyone know who sang this song, I have searched for it on cd for years with no luck at all. Thanks.
Posted:  15 Jan 2017 02:37
I have it on a cd by CHRISTLIKE
They have since disbanded but they came to my church and sang a few times
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