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Posted:  26 May 2010 22:24
Looking for clarification of a word in the last line of the chorus of the Hinsons great song "Too Many Times."  Also, I would like to know which Hinson wrote it - Ronnie, Kenny, or Larry?

Here's the line: And Satan can't ______ enough to turn back on Him.

Can anyone fill in the blank or answer my other question?  Thanks.

By the way, here's the rest of the song:

He never said there’d never be heartaches / no He never, as I recall
He never said the path wasn’t narrow / yet His eyes see the little sparrow when it falls
And He never said there wouldn’t be times / you’d spend with your back to the wall
Yet too many times I’ve walked with my Jesus / and I’ll never look back to it all

Too many times I’ve climbed up life’s mountain
Too many times I’ve faced this cruel world of sin
Whenever I’ve thirsted, His love was my fountain
And Satan can’t pull enough to turn back on Him

Now some may not hear it and others may fear / and many may doubt that it’s real
Oh, but I’m just a sample, an old earthly example / of an empty vessel He’s filled
My life was so broken ‘til these words were spoken / let body and soul both be healed
And since He put it all together, there’s no kind of weather
That can cause me to stray from His will
Posted:  27 May 2010 00:45
Weston Hinson (Ronnie's son) and Mike Bowling wrote Too Many Times
not sure about the word in the line you are looking for I had problems hearing it.
Posted:  28 May 2010 03:17
Kenny wrote TOO Many Times and the word you are looking for is HOLD,And satan can't hold enough to turn back on him.I have the CD and DVD and I love it.
Posted:  15 Apr 2011 14:21
I have racked my brain to find these words and yes the word is Hold. thank you for your help God bless you.
Posted:  13 Sep 2011 03:38
Oh Holy one!  Weston and Mike Bowling did not write too many times.  It was written by either Ronnie or Kenny Hinson.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 18:56
Satan can't HOLD
Posted:  11 Oct 2011 04:17
And ol' Satan can't hold, enough to turn back on him!
Posted:  05 Jan 2014 04:21
i agree...Satan can't hold...
Posted:  21 Jul 2014 04:34
It was Ronny Hinson who wrote it and it was written in 1977
Posted:  01 Aug 2015 22:26
The song "Too Many Times" was written by Ronnie Hinson and the line is , "satan Can't  Hope Enough To Turn Back On Him". I  used to work at a music distribution company and talked to Ronny Hinson one day for a few minutes and we talked about several of his God Given songs and one of the songs was "Too Many Times". I asked him that very question and the writer told me that is says, "satan Can't Hope Enough To Turn Back On Him".

Sincerely in Jesus,

Posted:  12 Oct 2015 21:50
satan can't hold enough to turn back 0n him
Posted:  29 Oct 2015 16:50
Bill, for one thing "hope" doesn't even make sense in that sentence. Second, Ronnie was telling the listiner that Satan could never offer (hold) enough riches to make "Ronnie" turn his back on God and follow Satan. At the time he told you, you probably misunderstood him.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 04:58
Can I find the piano music for this song anywhere?
Posted:  27 Jan 2017 03:53
I too am looking for piano music for this song.
Posted:  27 Jan 2017 10:10
I think if you look the word up in search or the way I always manage to find them is

too many times chords
Posted:  04 Aug 2017 01:06
I think it's "Satan can't hold....me enough to turn back on him.
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