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Posted:  14 May 2010 15:34
Oh my my, I'm a gonna fly up to see my Jesus, Oh my soul, I'm a gonna go,
soon I'll be on my way.........................
any help would be appriciated....God bless
Posted:  14 May 2010 17:00
Oh My, My with I’ll Fly Away Twila LaBar & Toni Clay, Willow Branch Publishing/Gaither Copyright Mgt./ Yours For a Song Music/ICG, Albert E Brumley Hartford Music Co,. Renewed Albert E Brumley & Sons/ICG

Oh my, my, I’m a gonna fly up to see my Jesus.  Oh, my soul, I’m a gonna go, soon I’ll be on my way.  Oh, my word, tell me, have you heard?  I’m a gonna live forever.  Oh my, my, I’m a gonna fly to heaven some sweet day.

Verse 1
I get up ev’ry mornin’ and I listen for the trumpet to ring out.  When I hear it you can bet your soul it’s gonna sing out.  Many are waiting the time anticipating.  Brother on that day I’ll be relocating.  Won’t be nothin’ here for me for I’ll be gone!

Verse 2
I’ve been lookin’ for words to describe what I’m a gonna see there.  All I can really say for sure is that I will be there.  No more cryin’, no more dyin’, ev’ry child of God is gonna be flyin’.  I can feel the wind beneath my wings!

I’ll fly away, O glory, I’ll fly away, (in the mornin’).  When I die, hallelujah, by and by!
Posted:  15 May 2010 06:04
Thank you very much!!  God Bless U!!
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 20:44
I'm trying to find an Accompaniment CD for this Song.  Would anyone know where to link me to?
Posted:  08 May 2012 04:50
Posted:  16 Jun 2014 06:28
the accompaniment to this song can be found on Spotify as well as several other of Crossway's songs. thanks for lyrics!
Posted:  04 Oct 2015 15:28
No, that's not the one.  Country music stars have sung this and I don't think it's a  hymn. You are the wind beneath my wings.
Posted:  01 May 2017 15:29
Wasn't there a male quartet/trio that sang this song? Does anyone know who that was?
Posted:  01 May 2017 17:16
Crossway recorded it
Posted:  18 Sep 2017 22:31
Anyone have know the Publisher of the "O My, My" Choral arrangement?
Word, Brentwood Benson, Lifeway, Praisegathering, Other?
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