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The Hymn Lyrics Detective / Forum / Hymn Lyrics - Search Requests / I'm jusitfied i'm happy in jesus today, my sins which were many are all washed away?
Posted:  26 Apr 2010 03:43
all I remember
Posted:  26 Apr 2010 03:45
all I remember is  I'm justiied I'm happy in Jesus today, my sins which were many are all washed away?
Posted:  26 Apr 2010 07:50
This is all I could find for your request. Hope it helps.

"I'm justified! I'm happy in Jesus today.

The sins I've committed, they're all in the past;

The've all been forgiven, and He holds me fast!

I'm justified! I'm justified!

I'm happy in Jesus today!"
Posted:  26 Apr 2010 19:11
that is the chorus  now i need the verses. thank you
Posted:  13 Dec 2010 19:02
That song is found in the Revival Songs of Dr. John R Rice From SWORD OF THE LORD PUBLISHERS
Posted:  14 Dec 2010 02:20
thank you so much... we have been looking for years
Posted:  04 Feb 2011 17:15
www.boazbaptist.com has it on the home music.
Posted:  06 Feb 2011 02:21
Hey   Got your post.....took it to the picking jam friday night....everyone was thrilled...
Posted:  10 Oct 2012 04:01
I'm justified I'm happy in Jesus today. The sins I've committed are all in the past. They'll never condemn me for he holds me fast. I'm justified, I'm justified. I'm happy in Jesus today.oh God held a great flowing balance and one side was waiting for me. The other side held such perfection as God had demanded there be.. And God held a scale in the middle and my side soared high with my sin. I cried for my side to be balanced and Jesus the Saviour stepped in.
I stood in the Garden of Eden, and ate of the fruit of the tree of th knowledge of good and evil. My eyes opened then I could see.the state of my soul was so sinful. With fig leaves I covered my stain. But God saw through my handmade garments and therefore the Saviour was slain.
I came to the river destruction and bridge that went over was long my burden lltoo large for the crossing kept me from that city I saw. I wept in despair for deliverance my burden was all of my sin. Then Jesus took all on his shoulders and told me "You're free. Enter in."
Posted:  04 Feb 2017 05:23
I heard "I'm Justified" tonight on my BBN radio station,for the first time. The arrangement was joyful and upbeat, and now if I could find the sheet music or a recording!  its so hard to find the older songs anymore, even online. so many are out of print, no purchasable recordings, etc. so sad.  BBN radio is the only christian network that plays the vintage tunes, I've been listening for 15 years, and tonight is the first time I've even heard this one.  That's what I like about BBN, bbnradio.org, they play songs you would know and songs you've never heard before.  God bless you all, jodie    joanhoover777@gmail.com
Posted:  16 Mar 2018 16:46
https://www.evernote.com/shard/s109/sh/42aa72 ...
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