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Posted:  27 Oct 2006 02:49
If anyone has the lyrics to "Peaceful in the Arms of My Lord" it would be greatly apprechiated!! I'm 95% sure on the title... it could be fewer words. Thanks in advance!!!
Posted:  27 Oct 2006 04:09
I think this is what you are looking for.

1. This old world is full of pain and misery,
Sometimes Satan stands and lashes out at me,
But with Jesus on my side, I am satisfied.
And it's so peaceful, in the arms of my Lord.

2. When I come to the crossing of the tide,
When I see old Jordans waters deep and wide
That dark river, I'll not fear, for my Jesus will be near,
And it's so peaceful in the arms of my Lord.


It's so peaceful in the arms of my Lord
In his presence I am sheltered from the storm
It's so good to have his spirit,  it's so good to
have his word.
And it's so peaceful in the arms of my Lord
Posted:  31 Oct 2006 04:29
thanks so much!! that song is a blessing to me!!
Posted:  27 Sep 2007 22:44
Only 1 correction -

3rd line should read:  "But with Jesus on my side, MY SOUL IS satisfied"
Posted:  01 Jan 2008 15:42
Do you know who sings this?  I have been looking for it since my college days and would love to get it on CD...Thanks so much!
Posted:  15 Mar 2008 16:38
"The Cathedrals" sing this beautifully.
Posted:  19 Jun 2008 07:00
does anyone have a copy of this album. dall22@yahoo.com
Posted:  16 Jul 2008 05:32
I just love this song but can't find it in any place. please somebody help me.
Posted:  16 Sep 2008 03:30
The Spencers from Mansfield Ohio are the original singers
Posted:  27 Oct 2008 00:57
the specers is who the song belong to,it's on the albam live in atlanta. it's olny on casset tape,you can find it @spincersongs.? it is $3.50. the cathedrals sang it to on when I cross that river,albam
Posted:  03 Oct 2009 01:10
i'm looking for the words and music to this song any help
Posted:  07 Oct 2009 14:01
I really need the piano notes for this song.Can anyone help me?pdwillis64@yahoo.com
Posted:  24 Aug 2010 05:40
Would love to have the sheet music to this song if anyone knows where I can find it!  Please help!
Posted:  08 Apr 2012 12:57

The Cathedral Quartet sang this song in 1983 on the album entitled "Live In Atlanta".

Mark Trammell sang the verses with the rest of the quartet (George, Glen, & Kirk) filling in on the chorus.

It is a great song and I plan on having someone sing it at my funeral service.
Posted:  24 Aug 2013 06:13
I heard this beatiful song for the first time in the Smoky Mountains in an 1839 Baptist church sung by 3 individuals. Wow it lifted my spirits.  Can't wait to learn and sing it myself.
Posted:  26 Sep 2013 02:37
Posted:  24 Jan 2014 19:18
The Spencers offer sheet music for this if you're still looking for it.  Spencermusic.com - it was written by Barbara Spencer
Posted:  10 Nov 2017 18:42
The Lindsey brothers!
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