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Posted:  04 Apr 2010 10:57
If anyone has the chords and lyrics to I Wanna See Jesus please email them to me at LadyProphetTLM@yahoo.com
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 16:40
I Want to See Jesus Cause He Died For Me

If I never walk upon those streets of purest gold,
If I never sit beside that crystal sea,
If I never see that mansion prepared to be my final home,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.


To look into those eyes of mercy that watched o'er me when even I strayed,
I want to feel those nail-scarred hands that gently brushed my tears away.
To thank Him for each drop of blood that flowed from Calvary,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.

If I don't see those walls of japser those twelve gates of pearly white,
If I don't sit beneath the tree of life.
If I'm permitted but to enter I'll bow beneath those nail-scarred feet,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 17:59
My cousin wrote this song years ago. He still live here in our home town. His name is Billy Dale Sexton
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 18:01
If any one want him to sing in your church you can face book him. Lives in Ar.
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