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Posted:  04 Apr 2010 10:57
If anyone has the chords and lyrics to I Wanna See Jesus please email them to me at LadyProphetTLM@yahoo.com
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 16:40
I Want to See Jesus Cause He Died For Me

If I never walk upon those streets of purest gold,
If I never sit beside that crystal sea,
If I never see that mansion prepared to be my final home,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.


To look into those eyes of mercy that watched o'er me when even I strayed,
I want to feel those nail-scarred hands that gently brushed my tears away.
To thank Him for each drop of blood that flowed from Calvary,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.

If I don't see those walls of japser those twelve gates of pearly white,
If I don't sit beneath the tree of life.
If I'm permitted but to enter I'll bow beneath those nail-scarred feet,
I want to see Jesus cause He died for me.
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 17:59
My cousin wrote this song years ago. He still live here in our home town. His name is Billy Dale Sexton
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 18:01
If any one want him to sing in your church you can face book him. Lives in Ar.
Posted:  10 Nov 2014 07:20   Last Edited By: Ronny73
We have had Billy Dale Sxton as our guest several times in our church. Each time he has blessed us. If you like good Southern Gospel music, have him come and bless your church. He also brings his own music background, and is an excellent preacher. My husband says" Billy Dale's voice is as Pure Gold". He is an enjoyable guest to have at your home also. He has sung with some of the top Gospel singers, as the lead singer. Billy lives what he preaches also. You will not go wrong having him at your church.  His home is Ft. Smith, Arkansas             from Pastor Ron and Naomi Perry
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