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Posted:  04 Apr 2010 04:53
I need the lyrics for the hymn "I travel down a lonely road and no one seems to care
Posted:  04 Apr 2010 21:15
Follow Me by Ira Stanphill

1 I traveled down a lonely road And no one seemed to care;
The burden on my weary back Had bowed me to despair,
I oft complained to Jesus How folks were treating me,
And then I heard Him say so tenderly,
"My feet were also weary, Upon the Calv'ry road;
The cross became so heavy, I fell beneath the load,
Be faithful weary pilgrim, The morning I can see,
Just lift your cross and follow close to me."

2. "I work so hard for Jesus" I often boast and say,
"I've sacrificed a lot of things To walk the narrow way,
I gave up fame and fortune, I'm worth a lot to Thee,"
And then I hear Him gently say to me.
"I left the throne of glory And counted it but loss,
My hands were nailed in anger Upon a cruel cross,
But now we'll make the journey With your hand safe in mine,
So lift your cross and follow close to me.

3. Oh, Jesus if I die upon A foreign field some day,
'Twould be no more than love demands No less could I repay,
"No greater love hath mortal man Than for a friend to die"
These are the words He gently spoke to me,
"If just a cup of water I place within your hand
Then just a cup of water Is all that I demand,"
But if by death to living They can thy glory see,
I'll take my cross and follow close to thee.
Posted:  21 Aug 2010 05:14
Where can i get the sheet music for this song?
Posted:  12 Sep 2010 13:18
I think that this hymn is in a (green) hymnal called melodies of praise.  If this is right than the Song Deeper Deeper is one page 19.  Bear in mind I was all of 12 remembering this several decades ago. LOL!!
Posted:  02 Oct 2010 02:22
I used to play it on the piano while my mom and her friend sang a duet in our little baptist church in the sixties.  would love the sheet music!
Posted:  29 Aug 2011 11:47
watch this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVcj4czIHXk&am ...
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 09:32
Is in some of the old Songs of Inspiration books
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 09:33
BTW  the title is "Follow Me"
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 20:08
The sheet music for this is available from Music Notes.  There are several songs with the same title "follow me" but you can see additional info for each.  I found it to be the third one down on the list.  Also transposable after purchase.
Posted:  10 May 2015 18:22
I thank the one who wrote this song. It is because of this song that my life was radically changed for the better. There was a time back in 1986 when I was stressed and almost to the point of depression, I was about to give up. Then one night I attended a crusade where a gentle man sang this song. I don't remember what the preacher preached that night, but this is 30 years, yes, 30 years later, and this song from hearing it at that time is still an inspiration to me.
Posted:  27 Feb 2016 15:38
I would like to share emails with the one who said this inspired her "30 years ago":backtwo50s@gmail.com
Posted:  05 Mar 2016 10:26
FOLLOW ME       Key:  C     4/4                                CCLI Number:  56747
     W & M by Ira Stanphill      (1953)
Posted:  10 Jul 2016 12:48
This song would surely be a great song to sing today for we have so many who are wandering through life without knowing their purpose and feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.  Jesus said, "Follow me!" and that is what we should all be doing.
Rev. Cecil Pickler, Greensboro, NC
Posted:  21 Sep 2017 11:37
A YFC Bible club leader sang this song to me in school when I was really tired and depressed. The year was 1965 or 1966. Until today, I can hear his voice in my memory. I have never heard anyone else sung this song ever. Where can I find an audio recording? Definitely not on Youtube, I think.

Francis Chin (fchin123@yahoo.com)
Posted:  21 Sep 2017 14:04
Hi Francis,

Good news. I found some recordings
This a professional recording by Kelly Willard
This is just the music with the lyrics superimposed

Thank you for sharing your testimony
Posted:  24 Sep 2017 17:31
My dad used to sing this song in church back in the 1960's. He has since passed on, but this morning I distinctly heard his gentle voice singing this and since I have multiple myeloma, it really spoke volumes to me.  Thank you, Jesus, for an uplifting Word when I need it.
Posted:  26 Sep 2017 06:16
The song used to be in a number of hymnals from the late 60's/early 70's, IIRC. Oddly enough, one place I've found a number of vintage hymnals is antique stores!
Posted:  16 Feb 2018 18:13
What a lovely piece! We used to sing it in our church youth choir some 25 years ago  and then the tune disappeared. While listening to some Brazilian music, I recognized the tune and started searching for the song again. Now I understand the words in the song and and indeed it is a powerful song. I plan to sing it with my kids at church one of these days!
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