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Posted:  28 Mar 2010 23:03
I heard this song on a southern gospel radio station but they don't tell who is singing or any information about the songs. It was a female singing this version. Here is the Chorus or what I remember of it

I'm washed/covered?(dont know which)by the blood and that's alright by me.
Don't tell me it's improper to say he bleed upon a tree
?(Something here about being cleansed by the blood not sure of wording)
Yes I'm covered/washed? by the blood and that's how I plan to stay.

HELP! I love this song but have no idea if it's older or new? I NEED HELP!!!!
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 04:32
Covered by the Blood of The Lamb by the Nelons
Posted:  01 Apr 2010 03:28
Thank You So Much I just downloaded the Song from their website I will be singing it Sunday.

God Bless and Thank You SOOO Much.
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