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Posted:  23 Oct 2006 05:37
This is a great song that I heard tonight.  I had words in the chorus that said, "Can you imagine, imagine the price that He paid."  If anyone knows it I need a new song to put up at my house because I am still trying to get family and everyone else that won't go to church with me to go by getting a seed in them.  Thanks and God Bless you all--bye
Posted:  24 Oct 2006 00:35
Dear Jesus Keeps Me, Perhaps this is the song you want. Jesus keeps me, too. Rita

Some day the Lord will descend from His home on high
He will appear with His angel band in the twinkling of an eye
He’ll carry all of His believers to the sweet by and by
Can you imagine, imagine to be left behind?

Oh what a sight it will be to see that eastern gate
To enter in, see the beauty and to look on His face
I want to walk with Mom and Dad down that shining path
Can you imagine, imagine to be home at last?

Can you imagine the pain our Savior bore on that day
From the ole rugged cross, to the tomb where He lay?
How He died for you and me so that we could be saved
Can You imagine, imagine the price that He paid?
Posted:  27 Oct 2006 18:46
God Bless you Rita that is the one I was looking for.  Thanks and Love bye.
Posted:  23 Jun 2013 02:41
who sings this song?
Posted:  23 Jun 2013 23:00
who sings the song ?  can you imagine
Posted:  20 Apr 2017 17:27
Here is 111rd Time Out’s rendition
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