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Posted:  20 Mar 2010 13:49
Does anyone have the lyrics of the above hymn found in Bill Gaither' Good News album?
Posted:  21 Mar 2010 14:46
Is this it?

verse 1: Gloryland is not so far away. And we'll reach it some glad day. Heaven's home is now my final goal. Their to live while ages roll.

Chorus:What a happy day twill be. What a glorious jubilee. All of Heaven will be there. What a meeting in the air.

verse 2:Wretched lives are oh so sad to see. Those who live in misery. But in Heaven no more grief or pain. Crippled lives are whole again.

Hope this helps! God bless!
Posted:  23 Mar 2010 16:16
Looking for Hallelejah Square by Flordia Boys.  The  first  verse of thier version is a little different than the others. Below is what I think I hear from  them singing it.
I saw a bling man tapping along.Losing his way
As he passed through the ____
As tears filled my  Eyes
I said friend you can't see
With a smile on his face
He replied to me.
Posted:  24 Mar 2010 07:58
Hey musiclady, I pray this is the one your looking for. God Bless!

Hallelujah Square

Verse: 1
I saw a blind man tapping along, losing his way,
as he passed through the throng,
tears filled my eyes, I said friend you can't see,
but with a smile on his face, he replied to me.

I'll see all my friends in hallelujah square,
what a wonderful time we'll all have up there,
we'll sing and praise Jesus, his glory to share,
End: 1  and you'll not see one blind man in hallelujah   
End: 2   and you'll not see one cripple in hallelujah square
End: 3   and we’ll all live forever in hallelujah square.

Verse: 2
Now, I saw a cripple dragging his feet,
he couldn't walk like we do down the street,
I said my friend I feel sorry for you,
but he said up in heaven, I'm gonna walk just like you.

Verse: 3
And I saw an old man gasping for breath,
soon he'd be gone as his eyes closed in death,
he looked at me and said, friend don't look so blue,
for I'm going up to heaven now how about you.
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