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Posted:  25 Feb 2010 17:30
Please if anybody can help i would greatly appreciate it.
Posted:  28 Feb 2010 22:13
Grace for Every Need
Church Hymnal Page 56

Verse 1
There is joy divine that is ever mine, Since the Lord has forgiven me; (pardoned me)
And I work and sing for my blessed King, By His grace I have been made free. (truly free).

Chorus  Alto lead
There is grace (There is grace) for ev'ry need, (for each need.)
Grace for you, (grace) grace for me, (full) Keeping true, (grace)
Keeping free, (free), Precious  sav- (Saving grace) ing grace indeed, (yes, indeed),
Flowing from (flowing from) the throne above, (throne above),
Grace to cov- (Grace to hide) er all my sin, (all my sin), Grace to all (All)
who believe (yes) O this grace (grace) now receive (free), Full forgiv- (pardon all)
ness all may win, (all may win) Yes, there's grace (grace) in the Lord's (in)
perfect love. (His perfect love).

Verse 2
He will ever keep when the tempests sweep, And hath grace for each trying hour; (every hour)
So I go in love to this Friend above, Ever trusting His grace and power. (grace and power).

Verse 3
O this wondrous grace is for all the race, It is boundless and full and free: (full and free);
And I trust and cling to my blessed King Who by grace now is keeping me. (keeping me).
Posted:  05 Mar 2010 19:04
Thanks so much
Posted:  24 Dec 2010 07:44
You did a great job giving us the words in print. you saved me much time, Thank a lot. I have the song if you want I'll send it to you, just let me know at;

Posted:  30 Oct 2017 05:22
Here is a youtube video

Grace for Every Need - Greater Vision
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