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Posted:  22 Feb 2010 08:11
my daughter wants to sing this old song for her aunt but we can't find the words...
Posted:  22 Feb 2010 21:43
Is this the one you're looking for?

I have no silver or no gold, no earthly mansion do I own
But I have peace, wonderful peace in my soul
I have no fear what man can do, the Lord I serve will take me through
Some day, wonderful day, I’m going home

I’m going home some day
To a city far away
Friends and loved will be waiting on the shore
The pearly gates will open wide
O’ what joy to step inside
Some day, wonderful day, I’m going home

The Savior paid the price for me, one day up there on Calvary
He broke the bonds upon the cross and set me free
Up there I’ll look upon His face and thank Him for His saving grace
Some day, wonderful day, I’m going home.
Posted:  26 Dec 2010 23:43
verse three I think:

So repent of all your sin, and ask the Lord to enter in,
His healing strenth will give you peace within your heart
He will help your troubled, He will surely make you whole,
Someday, some wonderful day I'm going home.

at least here in Alaska - we have very old and original lyrics to older Gospel verses because in the rural villages the songs have remained the same since the missionaries came.
Posted:  06 Jun 2012 05:05
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would love to download this song " I have no silver or no gold" - lyrics above. Am not sure who sung it too.

Can someone help?

Posted:  11 Feb 2014 01:31
The name of the song is: I'm Going Home
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