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Posted:  03 Sep 2005 03:45
Can you please find the lyrics to "Revive Us Again"?
Posted:  03 Sep 2005 03:52   Last Edited By: steveliu
Here you go. Words by William Mackay, Music by John J. Husband:

We praise Thee, O God!
For the Son of Thy love,
For Jesus Who died,
And is now gone above.

Hallelujah! Thine the glory.
Hallelujah! Amen.
Hallelujah! Thine the glory.
Revive us again.

We praise Thee, O God!
For Thy Spirit of light,
Who hath shown us our Savior,
And scattered our night.


All glory and praise
To the Lamb that was slain,
Who hath borne all our sins,
And hath cleansed every stain.


All glory and praise
To the God of all grace,
Who hast brought us, and sought us,
And guided our ways.


Revive us again;
Fill each heart with Thy love;
May each soul be rekindled
With fire from above.


Hope it helps!

God bless,
Posted:  03 Sep 2005 03:55
Sorry Steve, that's not the one I was looking for. Thanks anyway.
Posted:  03 Sep 2005 04:02
Hi Guest,

This is the most famous one, but perhaps you can provide some more clues? There are actually quite a number of hymns/praise songs that go by that name...

Posted:  03 Sep 2005 05:00
Actually, Steve, this is it. Sorry. I was having a hard time putting the music in my head with the words on the screen. Thank you so much. God Bless!
Posted:  03 Sep 2005 15:22
Sorry, should have included a link with the music


Glad to help! Take care
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 01:36
There is a song like this
Hallelujah I'm a bum
Hallelujah bum again
Lallelujah give us a hand out
to revive us again.

I don't know the rest
Posted:  05 Sep 2007 00:33
Wow, thanks!  I was looking for this one to, and there it is!!!!
Posted:  12 Feb 2008 02:58

I'm looking for the lyrics written by Marti McMane.
Posted:  11 Apr 2008 03:48
Salute from Argentina! Yes, it says
"Oh why don`t I work
Like other men do
How th hell can I work
When the skyes are so blue?


Learnt it at primary school, and I`m looking for the complete lyric...
Posted:  31 Dec 2008 01:50
another verse-
Oh  I don't like work and work don't like me
and that is the reason I am so hungry.
Hallelujah etc.

anybody know the next verse?
Posted:  31 Dec 2008 02:04
There is another song that my Dad played 50 years ago.  Part of the word are
Hallelujah I'm a bum
Hallelujah bum again Hallelujah give us a handout to revive us again.

I beat my way from Frisco bay to the rock bound cost of Maine, to Canada and Mexico and wander back again.  I met town bulls  and? as tough as a cop could be and I been in every caliboose in the land of USA.

Anybody know the missing woods?
Posted:  01 Jan 2009 10:08
While it's not a hymn per se, here are the lyrics you're looking for historical purposes. It was a parody version of the hymn by Makay/Husband that was sung by migratory workers in the United States of the late 1890's.

Hallelujah, I’m a Bum

1. Oh, why don’t you work
Like other men do?
How the **** can I work
When there’s no work to do?
Hallelujah, I’m a bum,
Hallelujah, bum again,
Hallelujah, give us a handout,
To revive us again!

2. Oh, I love my boss
And my boss loves me,
And that is the reason
I’m so hungry,
Hallelujah, etc.

3. Oh, the springtime has came
And I’m just out of jail,
Without any money,
Without any bail.
Hallelujah, etc.

4. I went to a house,
And I knocked on the door;
A lady came out, says,
“You been here before.”
Hallelujah, etc.

5. I went to a house,
And I asked for a piece of bread;
A lady came out, says,
“The baker is dead.”
Hallelujah, etc.

6. When springtime does come,
O won’t we have fun,
We’ll throw up our jobs
And we’ll go on the bum.
Hallelujah, etc.

Here's some commentary on the lyrics by writer Carl Sandburg:

“This old song heard at the water tanks of railroads in Kansas in 1897 and from harvest hands who worked in the wheat fields of Pawnee County, was picked up later by the I.W. W.’s, who made verses of their own for it, and gave it a wide fame. The migratory workers are familiar with the Salvation Army missions, and have adopted the Army custom of occasionally abandoning all polite formalities and striking deep into the common things and ways for their music and words. A “handout” is food handed out from a back door as distinguished from a “a sit down” which means an entrance into a house and a chair at a table.”
Posted:  01 Jan 2009 13:41
i am a baptist
i came from christian bible baptist church here in AFPOVAI.
We sing that song...
every service... and now january 1, 2009 that's uor backround song in our offering. we played that song a while ago. 11:30 in the morning...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  01 Jan 2009 13:44
Posted:  01 Jan 2009 18:51
Happy to hear from you, Maria. Happy New Year to you too!
Posted:  18 Jul 2016 03:30
So glad to find the rest of the words.  The only verse I remembered was...
"Now I like Jim Hill
He's an old friend of mine.
And that's why I'm hiking on Jim Hill's main line."

We had a 78 RPM record that we listened to when I was a child. I believe it was sung by Gene Autry.
Thanks for finding the other verses.
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