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Posted:  04 Feb 2010 19:53
need lyrics to this song.
Posted:  04 Feb 2010 22:33
After All

Trials here are sometimes many
And oft times my feet grow weary
'Till It seems I almost stumble and fall
But the tender hand that leads me
Is the hand that keeps me steady
And gives me faith that I will make it after all
After all this life is over
And my burdens have been lifted
And I stand upon the mountain top so tall.
Looking over to that city
That the savior is preparing
Gives me faith that I can make it after all.
By myself I cannot make it
But I know He's there to help me
He will hear my cry and answer when I call
Keep on trusting and believing
Are the words I hear Him whisper
Just a few more days to labor after all.
Posted:  07 Apr 2011 14:52
Does anyone know who sings this song, or has videos?
Posted:  22 Aug 2011 00:09
unknown composer/ARTISTE
Posted:  21 May 2012 18:55
grace thrillers
Posted:  22 Dec 2012 06:07
who sings this song?
Posted:  24 Jan 2013 00:49
Nope, It was Claudelle Clarke, not Thrillers.  Not sure if that was the original though
Posted:  08 Feb 2014 00:35
The original author to this song "After All" is Elmo Rodgers. He was a lil ole Pentecostal Preacher from Illinois who loved the Lord with all his heart. I know that he is the author of this song. He has went home to be with the Lord.
Posted:  12 Oct 2014 18:40
are you a baptist guyz?
Posted:  12 Oct 2014 19:48
Here is a recording of After All by Elmo Rodgers:

and here is :Reggie Stafford's rendition
Posted:  21 Dec 2014 04:44
Wasn't there a Southern gospel group that sang this one--maybe Hovie Lister and the Statesmen, or maybe the Cathedral Quartet?

Seems the Happy Goodman family sang it, too, but I could be way off base.
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