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Posted:  25 Jan 2010 22:27
I can't remember all of the versus but the Chorus goes...
Far Away is a land where they'll be no more heartaches
All the pain will be gone over there...and then I can't remember the rest of the Chorus. Please Help. Thanks
Posted:  26 Jan 2010 20:47
Here you go!!

Verse 1:
Man is born of a woman a few days and full of trouble, and like a flower it withers and fades away. Well, I have known so many heartaches while here I've been living, but God has made a perfect land far away.

Far away is a land where there will be no more sorrow. All the pain will be gone from over there. And with the Lord I'll be living upon streets of glory. Far away from this old troublesome world.

Verse 2:
Well I have tasted the tear drops that fell on my pillow, and I have tasted the goodness of the Lord. And how I long for the day when he calls me to meet him, far away from this old troublesome world.

Sing Chorus.


That song has a lot of meaning to me as it was a lady's favorite song for my pastor and his wife to sing. She passed away a couple of years ago and it was sung at her funeral.

Enjoy the lyrics!!
-The Lord be Magnified, Brittany
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 01:41
do u know the guitar chords for this song
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