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Posted:  15 Oct 2006 21:16
Hi, a friend of mine is looking for the title of this song...I don't even know if it IS a hymn, but since it isn't popping up on any search engines, I'm figuring it just may be one.

The lyrics she knows are:  "and the Lord said, "Let there be light, up in the sky, let the sun shine...."

Any ideas?  Please copy to tropicfive@aol.com, as I may not find my way back here as often as I need to to find the answer!
Posted:  23 Nov 2009 23:05
and the lord sid, let there be light.open the shy and let the sushine and the people ,all knelt and pary,oh lord are you there ,i'll be your's if you are mine. i believe that's the song but don't know the artist. or title .i am searching too ,if you find it send it send the link to me ,

                                                                       your brother in christ
                                                                            (child of the king)
Posted:  23 Nov 2009 23:08
the first attempt was messed up ,here is the correction. and the lord said, let there be light, open the sky and let the sun shine and the people, all knelt and pray, "oh lord are you there, i'll be your's if you are mine
Posted:  17 Jun 2010 04:59
I am almost certain it was a recording by Roberta Flack.  I'm still surprised that I cannot find any sign of that song. I love that song.
Posted:  13 Nov 2010 06:11
Mac ancd Katie Kissoon (look at page 3 of the link below)

http://www.popmusic4synch.com/music/index.php ...
Posted:  31 Dec 2010 01:17
Thanks a lot, it is Mac & Katie Kissoon.
Posted:  27 Mar 2011 17:25
thank you.. Ive loved this song since i was a child.. only remembered the chorus. Y cant i find the lyrics?
Posted:  29 Feb 2012 17:43
i learnt this in primary school (St Angela's Primary)  from teacher Stella and the music teacher who used orphanage next door piano great and lovely
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 22:42
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