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Posted:  20 Apr 2011 04:25
this song is so beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Posted:  08 Oct 2011 12:50
It is a beautiful song--growing up and singing it with my family with the church band--knowing it is one of my moms favorite songs.  Now, half way around the world -- with computer music  :-( --and my own children--it is a treasure--glad I found the words.  Now looking for Psalm 49 (?) and few others.  Crazy how you miss things more when you have your own kids.
Posted:  14 Jan 2012 20:03
I am a nurse and often sing this hymn to anxious patients.  It always helps them to relax and rest.  I have seen it be more effective than medication to help them breathe easier, to sleep, reduce pain and blood pressure, reassure dying patients and their families.  I love this hymn and sharing it.
Posted:  30 May 2012 05:02
Thanks for the Be Not Afraid song, I was searching for that one too.  I used to sing it in elementary school.

I've just Googled another song that I used to sing in elementary school, but can't find it.  Does anyone know the following:

Bread is your body
Come to be the bread of life
Wine is your blood and we
Offer you a sacrifice
Blessed be God forever

I'd like the sheet music, but if I could just get the lyrics  I would be a happy camper.  Anyone?
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 15:43
I love this song,I want my daughter to play this in piano,can you send me the music sheet
Posted:  29 Oct 2012 11:55
I first heard the song when I was in High School. It is very consoling and a constant reminder that we are not alone.
Posted:  19 Aug 2014 08:45
Posted:  19 Aug 2014 08:59
In the seventh and eight grades from 1980 to '82 I played classical guitar in our church's youth mass. "Be Not Afraid," "Eagle's Wing," "Here I Am Lord," and "Though The Mountains May Fall were very common hymns that I had to play. I certainly have bittersweet memories of my early guitar playing "gigs" at mass. I was under a tremendous amount of stress whenever I had to play guitar at a school mass and the nuns were all there to "judge" my playing! If I fretted a note improperly, or didn't or did play with too much gusto, I'd be criticized big time by one of the eighth grade nuns who was the "music director." It was cool to be able to play guitar at church at the youth masses. The priests were younger and were encouraging of my musical ability and if I goofed no one seemed to notice. Oh, but those nuns.......
Posted:  28 Dec 2015 05:03
When I hear this song I envision Jesus saying these words to Paul after being blinded and waiting to have his site restored.  Imagine those days of blindness and wondering what Jesus had in store for him.  I think the words fit perfectly.
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