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Posted:  16 Jan 2010 09:32
Hi, I am looking for the lyrics to a song I just heard. I only know bits and pieces of it but it says something about there is another Dr. in the room and in the 4th watch of the night. you have fought and prayed, the storms may rage and the winds will roll but I am in control, be not afraid. These may not be the right words, I can't remember very much of it but I love the song. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!!!
Posted:  17 Jan 2010 02:14
Be Not Afraid

Rocked by waves and howling winds
And the storm that threatened them
The disciples sailed a boat on Galilee
They were tired and full of fright
They had fought the storm all night
Then the master came ‘a walking on the sea
Be not afraid, for it is I, in the 4th watch of the night
You’ve fought and prayed but I am here and it’s alright
The storm will rage, the winds will blow
But they are under my control
It won’t be long till morning breaks
Be not afraid
Hope seems gone the day is done
And the night is pressing on
Doctors said that they’ve done all that they can do
Around the clock the family prays
But helps already on the way
Without a doubt another doctor’s in the room
Jeff Steele & Ricky Atkinson
Chriskay Publishing / BMI  Ricky Atkinson Publishing / BMI
Posted:  18 Jan 2010 06:29
Thank you so much!!!!!
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