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Posted:  15 Jan 2010 20:54
lyrics please
Posted:  19 Jan 2010 00:47
We Remember
                        by Marty Haugen


  We remember how you loved us to your death,

  and still we celebrate, for you are with us here;

  And we believe that we will see you when you come,

  in your glory, Lord, we remember, we celebrate,

  we believe.

Vs. 1:  Here, a million wounded souls are

  yearning just to touch you and be healed;

  Gather all your people, and hold them to your heart.

Vs. 2:  Now we recreate your love we

  bring the bread and wine to share a meal;

  Sign of grace and mercy, the presence of the Lord.

Vs. 3:  Christ, the Father’s great "Amen" to

  all the hopes and dreams of every heart;

  Peace beyond all telling, and freedom from all fear.

Vs. 4:  See the face of Christ revealed in

  ev’ry person standing by your side;

  Gift to one another, and temples of your love.
Posted:  03 Apr 2010 16:44
happy easter! so sad .. how jesus sacrifices his lyf 4 us .. how great he is (
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 04:12
so sad we should really think about what we have done to cause that
Posted:  19 Apr 2011 09:58
I heard this beautiful hymm las week at church and it keeps playing in my mind - It is so beautiful and true. The love that Jesus has for us ...
Posted:  22 Apr 2011 16:47
No words can describe how we feel on this day.....Christians around the world will morn his death.....even though we know that he had to die for us to live......we remember.......
Posted:  27 Mar 2012 17:58
Do you have guitar chords with this as well?... Thanks.
Posted:  18 Apr 2012 17:02
this song came out in 1980. I was 5 years old. I have been singing it during mass all those years. Great song.
Posted:  30 Apr 2012 07:04
its so wonder i love this song
Posted:  01 Jan 2013 18:48
We sang this song at my grandfathers funeral and he died a year ago yesterday and this hits hard at home but it is my favorite but so sad   <3
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 07:50
love this song
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 13:11
When I sing this song I remember my Teacher. He loved us very much.So that when I sing this I've cry
Posted:  20 Mar 2013 06:22
lord thanks for saving us you sacrifice you life for our sins we will love for the rest of time ...................
Posted:  29 Mar 2013 02:35
For the Lord so loved the world, that he gave away his only Son, so that our sins may be forgiven..... Blessed Resurrection of Christ. A powerful song to remind us the true meaning of God's love
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